Jun 29, 2012 GLC219 commented on Why Parents Say YES to the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative.
And apparently I didn't proofread my comment. Damn.
Jun 29, 2012 GLC219 commented on Why Parents Say YES to the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative.
Ah, I see my credibility is in jeopardy by slog commenters. So here's the background, I'm a mom, I grew up here, I've worked on campaigns for Obama, Patty Murray, Death with Dignity, SEIU and the coordinated ballot table (all 7 initiatives in 2010), and now I work for Stand for Children. I do it because I believe think we can do a better job of educating our children. I have union friends. There is no swimming pool full of money in my office and I get paid a plain old non-profit salary. I'm for non-profit public charter schools as an option for Washington kids because I've visited a few and seen what they can do, and frankly, it's pretty amazing. I think it's a reasonable option, especially for the kids who are currently getting left behind. I'm going to vote yes on 1240.

Jun 28, 2012 GLC219 commented on Here's CNN Getting the Ruling Completely Wrong.
"Dewey defeats Truman!!"
Jun 26, 2012 GLC219 commented on Why Parents Say YES to the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative.
41 other states have public charter schools. Some of those states have 20 years of experience with public charter schools. Parents and students in Washington deserve to have at least the same options as parents and students in other states.
Jun 26, 2012 GLC219 commented on Why Parents Say YES to the Washington Public Charter Schools Initiative.
Thanks for this, it's nice to hear from a parent who has real experience with our public schools. It's also reassuring to know the I-1240 is written to allow only high-performing charter schools in Washington, and there are many layers of accountability. They're funded exactly the same way as traditional public schools, which means the per-pupil funding follows the student to whatever school they choose to attend.

@28 and @8, I-1240 explicitly says that public charter schools cannot be religious and cannot be authorized by a religious organization.

About Brown v. Board of Ed, here's a great article from the head of the United Negro College Fund about how public charters and helping to meet that promise: http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2012/0…

And don't forget that President Obama supports charters too.

Download the entire text of the initiative and read it for yourself here: http://yeson1240.com/
Jun 25, 2012 GLC219 commented on Say NO to the Charter Schools Initiative.
What a load of nonsense. 41 other states already have nonprofit public charter schools, and some states have 20 years of experience with public charters. I-1240 is written to take the best of what works in other states and bring it to WA. It's written to ensure that our kids get only the highest performing charter schools - like KIPP and Rocket. Students and parents in Washington deserve to have the same educational choices as students and parents in 41 other states.
May 23, 2012 GLC219 commented on Big Money Pledged for Charter Schools Initiative.
41 states already have charter schools, and some of them are getting phenomenal results--especially for traditionally underserved students. The initiative includes strict accountability measures, and tracks school performance.

Why should Washington kids be denied options that are available in most other states?
Apr 2, 2012 GLC219 commented on When Did We Start Judging the Success of Education Reforms by How Many Teachers Lose Their Jobs?.
There has to be a way to support good teachers and get rid of bad ones. If teachers can evaluate students, then there must be a fair and reasonable way to evaluate teachers. No one wants to fire all the teachers, that's a ridiculous red herring, but there has to be a way to make the education system both effective and accountable and work for students, teachers and parents.

Goldy is big on name-calling and using "reform" as a bad word, but he's short on solutions. If one goal of education is to understand and work with diverse viewpoints, then educators, parents and people like Goldy should be able to look at the business world, reformers and advocates and find something positive to say. Reformers have been steadfast in their support for early learning, and in fully funding our schools, and in making sure funding and educators are accountable to parents. That's not a bad thing.
Apr 2, 2012 GLC219 commented on Preschooling Olympia.
Yes, early learning absolutely should be funded. No need to dis education reform though, reform just means improvement and there's lots of ways to (and lots of opinions on how to) improve education.

There's a whole article on the A+ Washington plan in the Everett Herald that mentions Bremerton as well: http://www.heraldnet.com/article/2012040…