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Jan 4, 2011 Denis Diderot commented on Prop 8 Ruling from 9th Circuit—Back to State Court, for Now.
Another lawyer here. What is interesting, to me, about this move by the 9th Circuit is that, if the California Supreme Court says "no standing," that will likely be dispositive of the issue. But if the California Supreme Court says, yes there is standing, such a ruling will not be binding on the question of federal court jurisdiction, which is "jealously guarded."
Sep 20, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on KEXP Objects to Chihuly Recommendation.
Here's the letter I just sent the Mayor:

Dear Mayor McGinn,

I write to express my complete and unequivocal support for your effort to retain $7million for competing needs in our great city, rather than have it go to MOHAI, which has already raised significant sums of money. I was struck, and impressed, by what you were quoted as saying in a Seattle Times article on Thursday. To wit:
McGinn balks, but committee OKs $7 million for MOHAI
By Emily Heffter
Seattle Times staff reporter
Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said Thursday the Museum of History & Industry is using its powerful connections to secure millions from the city, despite a grim city budget that threatens basic services.
Despite the mayor's protest, a City Council committee voted Thursday to give the museum as much as $47 million in state reimbursements for city land and MOHAI's building,” including $7 million McGinn wanted to keep for the city.
"This is a pretty stark example of how power operates in this town," the mayor said after the 6-0 committee vote. "If you have a $500-an-hour lawyer and a powerful board, you can get millions."
The emphasis above is, of course, mine. I emphasize that statement because I cannot imagine a better way to describe what has happened with the Chihuly “museum” plan at the Seattle Center. There, you have the economic interests behind the Space Needle, who hired Tina Podlowski and a small army of PR and legal professionals to orchestrate what is essentially the theft of public space for private gain. Frankly, I cannot see how you can take the position you have taken with MOHAI and, without being inconsistent, support the creation of the Chihuly “museum” at Seattle Center.

Respectfully submitted,
Sep 7, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on "Shit Storm of Love".
Okay--someone must say this. If you're dumb enough to leave you're cash-stuffed wallet on the hood of your car (ever heard of a back pocket?), then.....
Aug 12, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on Would You Like to See This Guy Take Off Those Clothes and Jump Around Naked in Weird Places?.
Oh, man, that is one unattractive penis, made worse by some really awful man-scaping.
Jul 14, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on Lukewarm.
@23 Bethany Jean is that you? It's cheating to sock-puppet here! But if you're not BJ, let me just say, you're certainly welcome to your opinion. That said, check out, if you have not already, some writings of one of the greatest food writers of all time: MFK Fisher. Go here:…
Jul 14, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on The Gods of Freeway Park.
I live near Freeway Park and walk my dog there most days. (Sorry Dog Haters.) Anyway, that Speedo-wearing guy has been a fixture for going on ten years. Although last year he was not around much, so I was thinking at the time he might have been sick. He's pretty old, and not much to look at. But I've come to think of him as being part of the park and notice when he's not there.
Jul 14, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on Lukewarm.
Let's be honest, agree or disagree with this particular review, Bethany is by far the weakest contributor at the Stranger. Her default key is bratty petulance. And her inability to objectively convey information is irritating beyond belief. There are facts and there are opinions, and a good review needs both. Bethany feels that so long as she couches something in the cloak of "opinion" she is free to be as snarky as possible, all with her self-delighted undertone that shouts--"Gee look how clever and funny I am." The Stranger really does need to get a food critic who is as good as the MASTERFUL Jen Graves, whose art reviews are perfect examples of great writing and great criticism.
Jul 14, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on Tom Rasmussen, 2003-2010.
Dear Fnarf--
Back to Logic 101 for you. (By the way, I took logic at Seattle University from a very old Jesuit, so I know of what I speak.) You are committing the logical fallacy of composition. See here, for an explanation:…

So, sure, Fnarf, "there have been MANY THOUSANDS of public works projects like this that have been under budget." But, what does "like this" mean? Oh, it the category of public works projects that come in under budget! I get it. But, Fnarf, just because you say that the BIG SEATTLE BORE is in that category doesn't make it so. How about the Brightwater Waste Treatment Plant project as a lovely example? I mean, come on, be logical here.
Jun 9, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on Born, Live Three Weeks, Die in the Teeth of a Dog....
Nice to see that Chuck is back to his dog-hate after yesterday's more rational post about dog and human relations. I feared the world would tilt off its axis otherwise.
Jun 1, 2010 Denis Diderot commented on Dog in a Grocery.
I swear that The Stranger should just change its name to "Dog-Haters Digest." I mean, seriously? Is this the most important thing you could think of posting about Chuck?