Jan 20 snapfin commented on White Nationalist Richard Spencer Punched In the Face During Inauguration Protest.
Punch every last one of them in the face. They should be made the actual victims. They are the ones who should be terrified to live in America.
Jan 5 snapfin commented on Richard Sherman Joins Marshawn Lynch in Boycott of Media.
Aww I'm so sorry he won't talk and dance for you. Fuck off. He owes you nothing.
Dec 14, 2015 snapfin commented on Home Desecrating Tips.
Could it also be old markers that are no longer being used? I can't imagine anyone would steal them...
Apr 28, 2015 snapfin commented on This Baltimore Mother Isn’t Beating Her Son, She’s Trying to Keep Him Alive.
I suppose she should best get kid if she sees him walking down the street with a can of tea, or if she sees him not resisting arrest, or if she sees him following orders from law enforcement. I mean all of those things have resulted in young black men being killed too.
Oct 4, 2012 snapfin commented on A Note to Our Readers.
Comment #4 is perhaps the most ironic thing I have ever heard.
Jun 21, 2012 snapfin commented on "An Open Letter to Seattle Pride".
You know what? Why not be even more inclusive and make pride about all sexualities?! I feel that we are neglecting our straight friends by not being inclusive enough and focusing way too much on the gay.

Apr 13, 2012 snapfin commented on Politicians Celebrate Exceptional Public Servant Day By Fighting Fires and Battling Bears.
Chris Christie heroically refrained from turning a preschool into an all-he-can-eat buffet.
Mar 26, 2012 snapfin commented on An Interview With Evan Clifthorne, Who Worked for an Anti-Gay-Marriage State Senator and Now Wants to Represent One of Seattle's Most Liberal Districts.
Ok...how on the hell did you not ask him to give you the names oh his gay friends and family members so you could verify they exist and that they actually actively urged him to continue to work with shin? Isn't that what dan has been bitching about non stop?
Mar 19, 2012 snapfin commented on Mike Daisey on the Aftermath.
Foxcon isn't the evil here. We are. We are the ones demanding new smart phones each year without giving a damn what is required to make them. We won't even acknowledge that if it weren't for our greed and priorities children wouldn't be working 60 hour weeks in factories for just enough money to keep from starving to death in china...and being born to starve to death in other parts of the world.