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Mar 11 Stuart MC commented on Small Businesses Are Not the Enemy.
#11 is exactly right. Target and Walmart are big businesses. The McDonald's and Burger King franchises in this town are not; they are small businesses operated by local owners. By wrongly lumping them in with massive corporations, you are using faulty logic that leads to incorrect conclusions.
Mar 11 Stuart MC commented on Tom Douglas Talks About How a $15 Minimum Wage Would Affect His Restaurants.
And at the businesses that can survive, how many of those employees will receive less hours and less benefits as the owners try to cut costs? I think that is an important part of the conversation that is being forgotten.
Mar 5 Stuart MC commented on State With Highest Minimum Wage Has Best Job Growth in Nation.
What Dan also neglects to mention is that our high minimum wage has contributed to us having one of the highest unemployment rates in the country for teens and people of color. So while white adults may celebrate higher pay, I guess everyone else can just suck it.
Jun 4, 2013 Stuart MC commented on The Minimum Wage: Putting Some Myths to Rest.
Just out of curiosity, how many businesses has Kshama Sawant actually run? Any real-life experience as a business owner or operator to back up this claim?
Dec 19, 2012 Stuart MC commented on This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Fucking Things.
@45, if the Stranger only wants to be a "regional urban arts & entertainment weekly," then great. Mission accomplished.

But every day I come on here and see Dan or Dominic or some other writer screeching about injustice and unfairness and acting like the world is ending because not everyone sees things as they do. They surely seem like they want to accomplish more than a regional weekly would when they crusade for marriage equality or against charter schools.

I just feel that they do it so very poorly by only pandering to current readers rather than reaching out to those outside their small circle of readers. It's a shame, because with their talents, I think they could make such a huge difference.
Dec 19, 2012 Stuart MC commented on This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Fucking Things.
I think it just depends on what you are trying to accomplish at the Stranger. Yes, the use of foul language plays well with this niche audience, and as long as you are happy with catering to it, then go ahead and use all the obscenities you want. It has gotten you to your current level of readership, but it will also keep you at this same level.

But if the Stranger really wanted to make a difference here in Washington state, and if the writers really wanted to reach beyond their core audience of hipster urban liberals and change the thinking of folks who won't even consider reading it because of the crudeness, then you might consider toning it down a notch and creating pieces filled with intellectualism rather than just overflowing with fuck fuck fuck.
Apr 26, 2012 Stuart MC commented on Is Schools Superintendent Finalist Sandra Husk Just Right for Seattle?.
@3, Yes it is. He's saying he doesn't think TFA folks will understand the term pedagogy, and I'm saying they would (it's a basic term that all trainers and teachers learn about in their first five minutes). The irony is that he doesn't understand it even when he looked it up.

Apr 26, 2012 Stuart MC commented on Is Schools Superintendent Finalist Sandra Husk Just Right for Seattle?.
Pedagogy actually refers to teaching children, not teaching in general (hence the "ped"). Andragogy refers to teaching adults. I learned the difference in a three-hour class on how to work with and train adults, so it is actually likely that TFA folks know the meaning as well.
Apr 3, 2012 Stuart MC commented on Planned Parenthood Aims a Big, Hairy Eyeball at New KC Sheriff.
I think this whole post is a bit ridiculous, especially with no actual evidence to argue that he will be an ineffective sheriff.

In Minnesota as a legislator, his duty was to introduce laws and vote on bills based on his beliefs and those of his constituents, and that's what he did. And now he will be expected to uphold the laws here, even though they are different that his belief system (something we all have to do from time to time - not everyone has the ability to live in their own perfect world where everything is the way they want it to be all the time).

Is there any reason to believe, based on his past work as a law enforcer, that his pro-life views would stop him from vigorously pursuing people who break Washington's pro-choice laws?

I would absolutely love to see some if there is.

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