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Nov 2, 2012 people are everywhere commented on Savage Love.
I want Romney to win, then people might actually get pissed and get in the fucking streets and change something. A gentle nudge off the cliff might be what we need. Call me an anarchist if you wish, but Obama is killing Pakistani civilians currently, pushing for the most hideously invasive laws so far ever seen in our country about detaining people without trial. Say what you will, but having legal marriage in a country where you will then get called a terrorist for protesting something else and locked away forever isn't much of a triumph is it?
Feb 1, 2012 people are everywhere commented on How Richard Dawkins Stole Christmas.
For someone who wants Atheists to prove something because of lack of facts that God doesn't exist you sure have a lot of statements that need proving to believe in.
"I understand God", really? "God can be the only answer". And how can you know that?
The existence of God can not be proved or refuted currently (possibly ever) but to align with the side that continues to claim they know things and, as it turns out, don't is to be making an illogical stance. Science continues to prove it's worth with actual evidence. When has God given us something useful? Has the cure for a disease come from the sky, ever? Scientist have done that.
Are you going to prove your faith by skipping the doctor and going to church or are you going to show your real faith and hit up the hospital and human SCIENTIFIC discovery instead?
Jan 15, 2012 people are everywhere commented on Mitt Happens.
Reagan gets far too much credit for his words. Correctly noted before, "the city on the hill" was used by Kennedy before Reagan, Winthrop long before that, and Winthrop was using it as a reference from the Bible even longer before that.
Nov 24, 2011 people are everywhere commented on Next Step: Loan Strike!.
I don't understand the support of people falling into such debt (whether it was self-induced or predatory lending, etc...) that it is ruining the economy.
"Haha, you made poor choices and I'm doing fine" (for now).
Fact: Poverty goes up, crime goes up. Crime against those of us left with shit.
We can be snarky with poor choices and get robbed or killed by those out in the streets fucked by the system or on their last rope. Was that our choice? Yes, but not helping those in need, especially in a slanted system.
The world doesn't offer any guarantees of jobs or a good life, but at least we can try and make a world where we have a chance as a society. A society is the only way we humans can survive after all.
Nov 22, 2011 people are everywhere commented on The 3,000-Mile Myth.
I will chalk this up to obvious.
Jiffy Lube will suggest you replace a brand new air filter as well. Surprise, mechanics try and screw you. Get an appraisal for anything from a few different people and see the huge swings in price and reasons.
Are we still putting quotations around "green" like it's a ridiculous notion. Who are "you" anyway?
Nov 2, 2011 people are everywhere commented on High-pocrisy.
Quick question... What happens to an impaired driver now? How would it change?
Oct 28, 2011 people are everywhere commented on Occupy Jamie Dimon.
One free kick to the balls if you were foreclosed by JP Morgan Chase?
Aug 20, 2011 people are everywhere commented on A New Tax on Dancing.
@DAZ - I like your conflation of things, it's wonderfully ignorant. The argument here isn't that there is a tax, but that the clubs were not informed they were to pay the tax. I know it might be splitting hairs in your _liberals-only-believe-one-thing_ mind, but there IS a large difference when you read.
Aug 20, 2011 people are everywhere commented on A New Tax on Dancing.
Has anyone in the DOR seen London lately? I think if they put all the places to have fun and blow off steam out of business maybe more people will take to the streets to "dance", eh? I would.
I would dance on your car, would YOU have to pay taxes for that? Keep crapping on what the people want and see how that works for you.
Aug 5, 2011 people are everywhere commented on A Quick and Dirty Guide to Rejecting the Tunnel.
You have been thrown a drowned rat and are arguing that the other one would have been better. Seattle makes terrible decisions about transit, that is the only consistent thing to mention here. I live in Seoul now (the place being used against the tunnel project in this here article). We have one of the best mass-transit systems I have ever seen (which helps keep the cars off the streets). More people than Beijing and less traffic by the 'official' shit-ton. If you aren't supporting buses and other forms of mass-transit your fucking up - period.