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Dec 18, 2014 Beth Sellars commented on The Art They Loved and Hated at Seattle's Tallest Building Is Gone.
What Cath Brunner is quoted as saying is exactly why public art is so important. The Beacon Corp.and the people who work in the building will miss out on this legacy builder as they move on to a new brightly colored decorative embellishment. In Dan's case, his work has now reached a new maturity or level of exposure, that of recycling and adding to his professional career..
Apr 3, 2014 Beth Sellars commented on Mel Chin Was So Much More Fun Than I Expected Last Night.
Jen, great job of "summarizing" last night's explosive presentation of passions by a very empathetic and responsive artist. It was heartening for me to witness no diminishment in his intellect and fervor (and humor!) after so many years of his commentary and resolve to make better.

But he offered so much last night, I'm pleased to see that you were able to keep track.

Beth Sellars
Feb 5, 2014 Beth Sellars commented on Seattle Has Stolen the Microphone.
Jan 17, 2014 Beth Sellars commented on It's a Good Weekend for New Art.
Thanks, Jen. The Robert C. Jones: An Update exhibition opened last night at the Cornish main art gallery, but it continues through March 8 (Tues through Fri., 12 - 5; Sat. 12 - 4).

Aug 20, 2013 Beth Sellars commented on This Is Not a Tourist Event.
Jen, your article is beautiful and describes the experience perfectly. I was there, too! It was a sincere honor to be welcomed so warmly by the tribal members and canoe families to their amazing event.
Mar 20, 2013 Beth Sellars commented on Suyama Space's Garage Sale Is Back.
Thanks, Jen! It really IS gorgeous!
Feb 6, 2013 Beth Sellars commented on Ghost Buildings.
Jen, thanks so much for your thoroughly researched and insightful response to the installation. You help to bring a new layer of "memory" to Deborah's work.
Jan 17, 2013 Beth Sellars commented on Black, White, Square.
Jen, thanks for looking, really looking at Lauri Chambers' paintings. And for pointing out that is the only way to enter her work is by looking. Very nice review. Thanks!
Jan 9, 2013 Beth Sellars commented on Confirmed: Seattle Weekly Sold.
Seattle Weekly has been nothing but a commercial carrier of advertisements for a number of years. Their "arts coverage" has been laughable. The idea of losing still one more source of media in Seattle is tragic, but this particular publication does not qualify for such a role/
Oct 30, 2012 Beth Sellars commented on Sewing for Ghosts.
Jen, do these snarly little people crawl out for every review you write, or did this particular review elicit these inarticulate whines?

I am personally grateful for your presence in Seattle and for The Stranger's willingness to acknowledge the visual arts in the city. The arts are stronger here because of your provocative inquiries. I appreciate your writing even when I disagree with you.

Thanks for continuing in spite of the detractors.