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Feb 2, 2011 beckysharp commented on Jesus Roves the Rittle Childlen.
I just saw this on a proxy server.

BEG, this is a really weird-ass rendition of "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Each segregated racial group sings the chorus with stereotyped voice and musical styles. But before the white children start to sing (to a country/ western rhythm, natch) they play the first few bars of the French national anthem, just to add to the freakiness.
Nov 9, 2010 beckysharp commented on Meet Australia's Constance McMillen: Principal Bars Lesbian Student From Attending School Dance With Her Girlfriend....
WTF, Victoria? Sent a polite word, as per your request.

To be fair, this may not be religious conservative dumbfuckery, merely traditional Australian private school dumbfuckery.

''If we opened it up and said girls could bring another female they would all bring females." - no duh. Ms Schnagl should be so lucky. The year my Australian private all-girls school let students take male dates the boys (mainly private school lads) brought cheap booze, got drunk, got their dates drunk, broke school chairs and a few windows and threw up all over a parent's house at the after-party. From then on all 'co-educational experiences' were strictly confined to daylight hours in situations where the teachers could strictly police the boys. If the administration at IGGS wants to clean sick off the floors the day after their formal, they're going about it the right way.
Aug 17, 2010 beckysharp commented on Someone Is Serious About Celebrating Lifelong Heterosexual Monogamy—Right, Ross?.
LC also believes that the earth is 6000 years old.
Aug 10, 2010 beckysharp commented on We're Not Raising Your Children, Bill.
Maybe they are his children and people should be asking how many of Bill's little bastards have been shoved on state care?
Jul 29, 2010 beckysharp commented on That Bitch Is Still Alive?.
@14 So true - Zombie Queen, seriously.
Jul 26, 2010 beckysharp commented on SL Letter of the Day: First Timer.
The only women I know who've bled at all were the ones who had sex in their very early teens. My best friend and I were actually disappointed because we'd both read a lot of 90s style rape-y romance novels and had assumed that we would have crimson streaked sheets as evidence of our deflowering.
Jul 26, 2010 beckysharp commented on NOM's Final Solution.
Could someone please put up a transcript of the interview? Even just the main argument would be appreciated here on the mainland. Damn you, Hu Jintao!
Jul 24, 2010 beckysharp commented on Federal Judge to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer: Your Ugly, Hateful State May Not Deny Equal Benefits to Gay State Employees.
Well done Canuck, Kim and SW. I like it that lc's argument is predicated on the belief that her own offspring are manipulable tools, stupid and suggestible enough to be affected by the private actions of other individuals.

Imagine the conversations 20 years hence!

lc offspring 1 (to potential heterosexual suitor):
"Oh, I'd love to marry you, spend the rest of my life with you, have children with you. You're a great person and would make a wonderful parent. But there's this problem - gay people in my state can get married too. I once saw some lesbians take their kids to a mall! So there's really no point in our getting married, is there? Or having children! It's a shame - I guess we'll both have to spend the rest of our lives single and childless."

lc offspring 2:
" I used to be straight. Then I saw a gay pride parade. So I immediately dumped my girlfriend and moved in with a man. I don't like him very much but it had to be done - my mom told me so. Then my partner showed me a picture of a strap-on. He says that means we'll have to get married now."
Jul 23, 2010 beckysharp commented on How Many Traditional Marriages Were Saved or Strengthened When This Man Lost The Love of His Life and Then His Home?.
@32: It's heart-breaking to us but I doubt it would trigger a similar response in a conservative viewer.
Jul 22, 2010 beckysharp commented on Yesterday On The Vegas Strip.
What was the length of loveschild's* selfless service to her country? I assume she's comparing her own time of active duty overseas to Lt Choi's. What rank did she attain, and where was she stationed?

* I know "she's" too dishonest to answer, just as we know loveschild is more than one person. Note the differences in style and structure between lc@3 and lc@11. "More clearer" just cut me to the quick this morning - do homophobes believe that following the basic rules of English grammar is somehow unchristian?