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Nov 29, 2010 LadySafety commented on JUSTIN BIEBER CUT HIS EFFING HAIR, GUYS!!.
I have not a single fucking clue as to who this child is and I think that means, I WIN!!!
Oct 5, 2010 LadySafety commented on I, Anonymous.
When I get married, I'm going to show up early, naked, & with 3 dozen bottles of eyelash glue. Anyone wishing to give a gift will be directed not to buy a gift, but to show up early the day of the wedding with cash in hand, otherwise don't bother. Alcohol will be served. Then the gift-givers will be instructed to glue the cash they brought directly onto me. Extra love if it's in a visually-appealing fashion. This should, in one event, eliminate the following: the goofy bachelorette party with that GD TP dress; having to find, buy, or commission a dress; allowing all genders to participate in some version of a strange pre-ceremony bridal ritual; the registry; and lastly the embarrassment or self-imposed guilt & shame from the people who cannot nor wish to send money or gifts our way by providing them an easy out. "Hey the naked and the gluing cash thing ... it's just not me." And I am not biased toward my future groom either. He is certainly welcome to have cash glued to him too.

Well... maybe I'll wear some white fur panties. A tiny bit of modesty and white for the bride.
Apr 5, 2010 LadySafety commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
Let's not ban those poor animals. Instead, let's require that all Pit Bull owners be sterilized along with their pets.
Apr 5, 2010 LadySafety commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
Let's not ban the Pit Bulls. Instead, let's petition that it be required that all owners of Pit Bulls be sterilized along with their animals.
Mar 11, 2010 LadySafety commented on Another Backward, Half-Baked Idea for Seattle Center.
If they keep it next to the EMP, then we can at least have the creative diarrhea section of the Seattle Center in one area. As long as it's not too contagious. It "goes" with the giant exhibition kitch already there for decades. I honestly believe that when Gehry got the gig to design the EMP, he quickly realized how fucking spineless Seattlelites are and what little design sense they have, and then like any egomaniac exhibition-style architect quickly deduced "Hey, I can do *ANYTHING I WANT* and they will have no sense nor the balls to stop me." GD exhibition architecture! (My pop worked for Ghery as an intern, so I my data for him being an egomaniac is completely infallible.)

Now, you fucking spineless whiners, if you want a park there, if you'd prefer a Chihuly head shop instead, or anything other than a pay-to-enter museum for a (not even dead yet?!?) white guy, get off your GD computers and go out and actually *DO* something.
Feb 24, 2010 LadySafety joined My Stranger Face
Feb 24, 2010 LadySafety commented on Savage Love.
From now on, every time I peg a man, I will pretend that I am straight.