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Mar 23, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on "I Have Sex" — Oberlin University.
1. Hey, I know a lot of those people!
2. Oberlin is a college, not a university.
Feb 22, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on Savage Love.
@3 Oh, never mind, I see now that the point was that she could get it covered by her insurance. So the reply wasn't entirely unhelpful, but still, how about giving her some non-surgical suggestions too?
Feb 22, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on Savage Love.
Am I missing something, or does the reply to Unforgiving not answer her question? It seems like Unforgiving was saying "I want surgery to fix this, but until I can afford the surgery, what else can I try?" and the reply was "Hey, surgery might be able to fix that."
Jan 29, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on Three Things I Remember about Last Night.
If you had phrased option #2 any differently, I probably would have voted to destroy. But now you've made me feel sorry for it. Have mercy! It's... uh... not the book's fault that... Ayn Rand's words are printed in it?
Jan 26, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on AA Meeting: Hyperbolic Blowhards and Hilarious Kids.
I'm with you on that postscript, although I have seen neither of the movies in question.
Jan 12, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on SL Letter of the Day: In a Word.
Am I missing something -- how do we know STDM didn't want her to get pregnant? Couldn't they have been trying for a baby, or at least willing to have a baby, a few months ago? Not that that would have been a good idea, but it would change the response from "why aren't you using condoms, you moron" to "what made you think you should have a child with this woman, you moron."
Jan 7, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on NASA Names the Most and Least Realistic Science Fiction Films Ever Made.
The physics majors at my college got together every year to drink and laugh at the worst science fiction movie ever: Core. Glad to see that NASA agrees with our choice! (2012 hadn't come out yet.)
Jan 5, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on Nerd Cred: The Reckoning.
The UK edition had a different cover:…
Problem solved?
Jan 3, 2011 SkyHuxley commented on SL Letter of the Day: A Quick Answer.
Huh. I, for one, would have sex with Tim Minchin much more with the hair than without.