Not enough like Twitter.

Jul 28 saccade commented on What Are You Doing This Week? Stranger Critics Answer the Question.
JFC, I didn't spend years getting an actual Ph.D. in neurobiology at UW so I could listen to Mudede's uninformable blather.

Charles, the best advice I can give you is to read this instead.…
Jun 25 saccade commented on Are Newsletters the New Blogs?.
Christ, email newsletters are what we had _before_ RSS. Or the web, even.
Jun 19 saccade commented on The Morning News: Did You Know You Can Hit and Kill a Cyclist and Get Off with a $175 Ticket?.
@35 In addition to actually using google to look up bicycle laws before making claims about them (good job!) you can also use your eyes and mouse to read the actual articles you are commenting about.

What part of "Two cars stopped for him to cross, but a third truck didn’t" makes you think that your hobbyhorse even remotely applies to this situation? Evidence is that cars were able to yield safely, because more than one of them did.
Jun 19 saccade commented on The Morning News: Did You Know You Can Hit and Kill a Cyclist and Get Off with a $175 Ticket?.

"Uh, you're still supposed to dismount your bike and walk it through crosswalks, aren't you?"

No. Riding a bicycle on a crosswalk is legally equivalent to using the crosswalk as a pedestrian. RCW 46.61.755. You and @32 and could have typed "bicycle crosswalk washington" into google and landed right on the relevant RCWs.

@30, technically you would be correct to charge manslaughter, but no jury of 12 random people would convict -- imagine twelve slog commenters agreeing in this thread. It's the whole culture, not just the prosecutor's office. The UK had to invent a new reduced charge of "causing death by driving" because they couldn't get convictions on manslaughter. This is also the problem the Vulnerable Users law is trying to shore up.
Jun 18 saccade commented on Guest Editorial: A Victory in the Long War Over Seattle Math Education.
When I saw the video from Wheresthemath, the "Lattice method" confused me a bit. That's on purpose, the presenter wants to push the unfamiliarity of the thing.

When I saw the presenter work through the "standard algorithm" and half-remember to carry the one but not really explain why, I realized I was not watching an educator per se.

So I wrote down the lattice example in the video. After contemplating a bit, I wrote down two twelve digit numbers horizontally and vertically on some graph paper, and ran through it mechanically.

It worked on the first try.

Try that in "standard algorithm." Remember to carry the sixes!
Jun 11 saccade commented on SL Letter of the Day: Come A Little Closer.
@12, knowing only that their present ages are 19 and 39, there's a 25% chance of the older one being less than twice as old.

For example, someone who turned 39 this month compared to someone who turned 19 11 months ago.

Apparently, calendar math _is_ hard.
Mar 13 saccade commented on Neil Young Invents New iPod; Raises Nearly Two Million Bucks on Kickstarter in One Day.
@12 / @14, MP3 files are limited to 320kbps, but the iPod will happily play Apple Lossless files.

Having a nice DAC and headphone amplifier matters sooner than that anyway.
Apr 2, 2013 saccade commented on Where and How Do You Buy Your Liquor?.
@73 In order to operate under Washington's "craft distillery" license, at least 50% of your raw ingredients must be grown in Washington. You'll notice some of Mischief's products aren't labeled as Washington products, they are operating under a different license. John Jacob is a fine rye though, made in the same facility as Bulleit and some other brands -- I think American whiskey is really something that benefits from large scale quality control, anyway, a lot of actual small batch whiskey comes out with odd flavors.

There's plenty of excellent local gin and brandy around. The nice thing about going direct to the distillers is that you can talk to them, see the stills, they'll pour you little samples, and at that point if you can't figure out "local" there's no hope. I just wish It didn't take burning a bunch of gas to do it -- used to be you could go to the state run liquor store and get local product....
Apr 2, 2013 saccade commented on Where and How Do You Buy Your Liquor?.
Previously, the state stores had an obligation to distribute local products. I haven't seen many of the local distillers (like Bainbridge, who makes the best gin in the state) in stores ever since privatization kicked in, because they can't get distribution. Non-local small brands like Corsair have also fallen off the map.

So, all around good job sticking up for the little guy, WA voters. But now Frizelle can overpay when he plans poorly and runs out late Sunday night, so it's all good, right?

Best/cheapest option is now to go to local distillers and buy direct.

@66, i'm not a vodka person but Bainbridge Organic Distillers has an interesting one.
Nov 16, 2011 saccade commented on Rose Pedals Demands a Correction.
@55 the entire point is that there's a some distance between gender and biology, so that's not any better.

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