Sep 15, 2016 drshort commented on Dow Constantine and Dennis Hayes: Self-Driving Cars Are a Distraction.
This isnt about self driving cars. Self driving technology means public transportation can become much more personal, available and inexpensive.

It will take cars off the road. Many people will find zero reason to even own a car.
Aug 24, 2016 drshort commented on Advocates Propose Major Changes to Encampment Sweeps, New Protections for Homeless People.
@3 More than that. They're saying camping on, and making a mess of, public land is a constitutional right. I fail to grasp that connection.

Aug 24, 2016 drshort commented on Homeless Advocates Propose Major Reforms to the Way the City Handles Homeless Encampments.
Can they sweep the pile of trash surrounding the tent and leave the tent?
Aug 8, 2016 drshort commented on Council Bans Special Move-In Deals, Housing Discrimination Based on Source of Income.
Good luck to those with a credit score below 700. A good credit score will now be a hard requirement.
Aug 2, 2016 drshort commented on Donald Trump Throws Baby Out of Rally. He's the #1 Baby, Okay?.
@2. The Dead Zone.
Jun 5, 2016 drshort commented on City Council Likely to Ban Rent Increases at Substandard Apartment Buildings.
The headline and talking points seem reasonable, but the specific items that could trigger a violation are really broad. For instance and "deflected" foundation? I would guess a large percentage of homes pre 1950 that are perfectly fine have some foundation issues a renter could use this law for.
Jun 2, 2016 drshort commented on Amazon Abruptly Lays Off Its Seattle Bike Couriers: "It Was Not a Pretty Picture".
The headline ignores basic facts stated in the article:

- Amazon didn't layoff the employees. They were employees of a Fleetfoot. Severance and timing were Fleetfoots responsibility.
- And Fleetfoot was given much more than 3 days notice, but just decided to tell the couriers only 3 days before because they were "trying to change Amazon's mind"

Jun 1, 2016 drshort commented on The Morning News: New Rules Coming to Seattle Airbnbs and Why Some Choose the Jungle Over Shelters.
Quick recap of the jungle article: "I like it here. It's my home. I can make burgers! Why would I try to improve my situation?"

And this is why so many are fed up with the situation. I realize people don't choose to be homeless, but clearly some that become homeless choose not to do anything about it (let's get two dogs...that'll make finding an apartment easier).

Yes, mental illness and addiction play a big role, but quit painting everyone as just down on their luck and needing of a helping hand. Some clearly need some encouragement to try for something better. Clearing out the jungle may provide that encouragement.
May 23, 2016 drshort commented on Four of Nine Seattle City Council Members Are Millionaires.
So Sawant just sorta forgot to fill in the box that says how much she pays her domestic partner?
May 18, 2016 drshort commented on Outreach Workers Will Have Two Weeks to Try to Move Hundreds of People Out of the Jungle.
@16. You're assuming the people living in the Jungle have any interest in shelters/housing that has rules/oversight. From what I've read in various outlets is that the draw of the Jungle is personal autonomy and freedom.