2:43 PM yesterday drshort commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle's Union Members Don't Have to Settle for Democrats.
#8. Go visit the rust belt where corporations have left or gone under en mass. The "working people" there aren't doing so well. Corporations get coddled because they can provide jobs and have lots of options in terms of labor and location.
May 1 drshort commented on It's Official: Seattle City Council Will Consider an Income Tax, Could Vote by July.
It won't happen.

Besides the current unconstitutionality of it, there's a 1984 law that forbids cities from enacting an income tax. Proponents say they can craft the Seattle tax in way that gets around it.

But the legislature can quickly update the current law to address Seattle's proposal.
Apr 24 drshort commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
@38 is right. All these new apartments might very well become condos once the statute of limitations on construction defects expires (10 years).
Apr 24 drshort commented on Why Does This House Cost $1,000,000?.
Dan is being the Rachel Dolezal of the working class with this article. Doesn't he own a SF home very close to this house?
Apr 21 drshort commented on Ed Murray Supports a City Income Tax and He’d Really Like You to Think It Was His Idea (It Wasn't).
@3. Those making over 250k pay over half the federal income tax. Sure there are extreme examples of unfairness by the rich, but it's hardly the norm.


If Seattle passes an income tax, I would suspect the WA legislature to ban it pretty quickly.
Mar 22 drshort commented on FBI: Trump "Associates" Communicated With Russian Operatives.
@5. Good chance Pence would need to resign as well. President Ryan.
Mar 14 drshort commented on A New Bill From Washington State Lawmakers Would Force Heroin and Opioid Users Into Treatment.
The article obviously makes a big point that forced treatment usually doesn't work. But neither does voluntary treatment. Both have dismal success rates.
Mar 7 drshort commented on The Poor In Seattle Are Taxed Like Hell.
@9 Rent is high because lots of people with high paying jobs are moving here. Property taxes are a minor contributor. Perhaps the tax increases give the landlord a nice excuse when your rent is raised, but they're raising rent because someone will pay it.
Mar 7 drshort commented on The Poor In Seattle Are Taxed Like Hell.
I'm always dubious of these studies. WA doesn't tax rent, food, prescriptions, childcare. Yet the study in the article claims a family making $25k would incur over $1k a year in sales tax. Very doubtful.

And then these studies always claim the renter pays the property tax. No. Supply/demand sets rental rates. Plenty of landlords lose money each month. Eliminating property taxes would do little to rents.
Feb 21 drshort commented on UPDATED: In State of the City Address, Mayor Promises New Tax for Homelessness, Threatens to Sue Trump.
@19. Homeless don't flock to Bellevue or Kirkland which are about the same size as Olympia, Salem, or Eugene. Why not?