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Oct 17 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Seahawks Get Huge Win Against Falcons, Unnecessarily Stress Out Fanbase, Richard Sherman.
Did any of you watch the game? The refs were consistent with their non-call all game. There were plenty of opportunities to call PI, and they stood back. That's the best you can expect of a ref: consistency.

If an umpire is calling the low strike, even if it's outside what you think the strike zone is, if he's calling it all game for both teams, that's an outstanding ump. Same thing. The refs kept their flags in their pockets, for both teams, and that's the best you can ask. Isolating a single play and bitching about it is the wrong approach.
Sep 12 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on The Seahawks Win Hardfought Game Against the Miami Dolphins; Be Happy, Damn It.
You barely mentioned the MVP of the game: Cassius Marsh. His blocked FG was the difference in the game. Plus his work on special teams, with two big stops, and his late game sack, kept the Dolphins at bay (which more than made up for his whiff early on, allowing a 50-yd reception). He's the spirit of the Hawks, where second-tier players step up and play at a top-tier level.
Sep 6 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Today in Stupid: Video Shows Assholes Destroying Instagram's Favorite Oregon Rock.
This is one of those "please don't be a bunch of white guys, please don't be a bunch of white guys..." moments.

And then....

"Oh, fuck. Look at that. The entitled babies in adult bodies are a bunch of white guys."
Sep 2 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Convicted Stanford Rapist Brock Turner Freed from Jail After Serving Only Three Months.
Someone needs to photoshop a poster with Brock Turner & Matt Hickey.
Sep 1 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on An Open Letter From Erin Jones to The Stranger.
There is a big issue here, which is what got her into trouble in the first place: Should teachers be able to discuss/mention/teach sexual orientation to 5 year olds. She dodges the issue in her letter, only giving lip service to "age appropriate" sex ed, without going into specifics. She's a great politician, I'll give her that: She dances with words like a champ. She brings up how she's so compassionate, pushes her experience, and when she apologizes, she's really saying, "I'm sorry I didn't say the right code-words to manipulate you. I'll know better how to manipulate the right audience in the future." And like a good panderer, she avoids specifics like the plague.

Reykdahl, otoh, has been clear and precise about his support for comprehensive sex ed.
Aug 30 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: My Girlfriend Lives With Her Ex-Boyfriend And That's Not The Problem.
@16 There is plenty of evidence on alcoholics, nice people sober, who commit crimes drunk. So I think we have enough information to pass judgment.

I mean, it was very nice 'n all for LW not to bring the cops in. He probably did it to salvage the relationship. Maybe 1 & 7 are right, in that he doesn't ascribe to a worthless, laughable, and obsolete model of masculinity. As such, he felt a something could be worked out in a mature way, between adults.

There is no reason why LW should have anything more to do with his should-be-ex. It may be true that she wants things to work out for everyone, but threats of violence by a (self-admitted) blacked-out drunk is a non-starter. If she wants to be an enabler to her drunk ex, that's her business, but it certainly doesn't have to be his.

Dan is spot-on on this one, DTMFA.
Aug 30 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on The Stranger Is Rescinding Its Endorsement of Erin Jones and Will Back Chris Reykdal in the General Election.
@13 If you have any connection to Ms. Jones, you might want to suggest to her that these points should have been brought up by her during her Stranger interview; Instead of using words like "lifestyle," which anyone who works on/writes about LGBT issues knows precisely what it means.

@5 Of course people are allowed to grow and evolve. That doesn't mean they are owed a major state position. This was in a link from the article.
Aug 29 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Today in Stupid: Giuliani Says He's Saved More Black Lives Than Beyoncé.
I get more informed content from my ass than I do from Giuliani.
Aug 26 Some Old Nobodaddy Logged In commented on Speaking Out About the Matt Hickeys of the World Won't Be Enough To Change Rape Culture.
I think it behooves any prospective journalist, every time they write an article on it, to define 'rape culture.' The confusion on the meaning of the term will allow it to go the way of "grunge" and "hippie." Terms so loose they are nearly meaningless.

On a more concrete note, as someone with casual acquaintance to Mr. Hickey, he was not someone who liked to spend his time around guys. Obviously, he preferred the company of women. He was not someone who was comfortable around other men, and from what I observed, did not have any close male friendships. What that says about his actions, I'll leave up to you.