Yeah, it's a copy of that.

Jan 22, 2013 zhirzzh commented on I Regret Not Taking Out Lance Armstrong.
@2 What people are upset by, is the fact that he ruined the careers of people who justly accused them. He was incredibly vindictive.
Dec 16, 2010 zhirzzh commented on 62.
I'm not willing to bet one Reid getting it through one way or the other, but I will bet ANY amount of money that Obama will sign if it passes. Totally serious. You interested?
Mar 10, 2010 zhirzzh commented on Here's An Idea: Perhaps Every Newspaper and Magazine In the West....
Just the one god actually.
Mar 2, 2010 zhirzzh joined My Stranger Face
Mar 2, 2010 zhirzzh commented on Let Us Know If He Delivers For You, Okay?.
So, he's enacting policies that "only a conservative could love" and that is making America hate him so much that they are going to sweep him out of office? You're a conservative? What?

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