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BTW, I'm wholly in favor of consensually playing rough; I think it's terrible that he's using that as a dodge for what definitely sounds like a pattern of abusive behavior, and it does not help the cause of kink at all. BDSM tendencies were only downgraded from DSM-listed condition in the last year or two.
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WTF, people––there are rapists, murderers, and child molesters whose partners thought they were in happy loving marriages with a sane person. Psycho- or sociopathic behavior isn't going to be consistent across all relationships, in fact, continuing to get away with horrible, twisted behavior pretty much depends on the perpetrator NOT doing that. Why does no one seem to think that that applies here? Cause they're too wrapped up in trying not to stigmatize his professed healthy BDSM play?
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I need to get off when doing important studying and writing, too, and I think it mostly has to do with killing anxiety. The anxiety centers in your brain have to shut off to reach orgasm, which is why so many people with anxiety disorders have sexual dysfunction. For the rest of us, I think that urge to get off is actually a healthy response prompting you to short-circuit your anxiety during a highly stressful time.
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Re: THIN's question - I am not a tiny wee thing, but neither do I qualify as BBW; I still struggle with the same body dysmorphia bullshit that pretty much all American women do. At one point, though, I was a solid 14/16 because of serious health issues. In that phase, some of the only men who sought me out were chubby-chasers, and it made my existing discomfort with my body exponentially worse. Some women are healthy at that size, and proud of their bodies, but I was not. I did not want to be pursued ONLY for a body that caused me physical and psychological anguish – it is really hard to look in the mirror every day and find a mismatch between your internal idea of yourself and the physical reality. Regardless of her size or shape, THIN, no woman wants to be reduced to a type or to feel that only her body is important to you.
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I buy that it could be Chris Cunningham directing - the style of the way these are being released smacks of the "footage" in Pattern Recognition by William Gibson; one of the characters in the book is based on Cunningham. Musically I think it's Lykke Li and possibly others collaborating on Röyksopp's new album due out in April. Li, Karin Dreijer (Fever Ray/ The Knife) and Robyn were all on their last one, and this is supposed to be a follow-up. Check out the last time Röyksopp did a video w/ Karin Dreijer: http://vimeo.com/2355334