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Mar 3, 2010 charlayne joined My Stranger Face
Mar 3, 2010 charlayne commented on Meanwhile in Texas: "American Taliban" Isn't Hyperbole Anymore.
Oh joys. I get up online and find that my old Hometown (where I still have family, including a daughter and two grandkids) has been almost taken over by crazies. Joys and yummies.

I've got to come up there soon and I'm a Wiccan (read: witch) and I imagine that they will be very happy to use me as an example if they can find me. Joys.

And, hey, 92, you're in the wrong spot. There are LOTS of us pagans in Texas. DFW, Killeen, Austin, Houston, and Corpus all have groups who are getting together and welcoming newcomers. Not all Texans are wackos.