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Feb 8 Frieswitdat updated his or her location.
Feb 8 Frieswitdat commented on Bands I Pretended to Like for Boys. Part Seven: Ben Folds.
Very nice piece. There aren't a lot of people writing good pop with near virtuisity. Plus he brought us Regina Spektor so I'll always heart him.
Oct 29, 2016 Frieswitdat commented on Mackerel, You Sexy Bastard.
Your comments on sardines being the flavor packets was so spot on. Most people don't realize why the Caesar salad at their favorite restaurants tastes so good. It's the freaking sardines baby!
Mar 9, 2016 Frieswitdat commented on Inside the Publix Hotel, a Former Single-Room-Occupancy Building in the International District That's Reopening Soon.
I lived in the ID from 2001 to 2004 and loved it to pieces. Warts and all. It's refreshing that we don't just bulldoze our older buildings like they do up in Vancouver.

While I agree, we need to spread affordable housing around town in different neighborhoods. The ID has long been a tough place to live (pre-Uwajimaya Village) but it's a real neighborhood and has a special attraction for me to this day. I may live in Magnolia now but it's a rare weekend that I don't spend a Sunday morning here.
Oct 20, 2015 Frieswitdat commented on New Column.
I've said it before but it bears repeating. The cause of the type of gun violence that people freak out about is our alienation of people on the fringes of society (mental illness and the like). We then glorify them by giving them 15 minutes of fame after committing horrendous acts in places where they know they can do so with a maximum window of opportunity before then turning their weapons on themselves.

It's no big surprise that post implementation of "gun free zones" we saw a tidal wave of new incidents like this especially after Columbine when Eric and Dylan (the shooters) were splashed across the 24hr news continuously, creating a blue print for narcissistic glory in those crazy enough to feel this was a way to "finally be heard/seen".

We don't want accept responsibility as a society that's more concerned with taking pictures of our meals and posting them to social media rather than taking a minute when we experience someone who seems out of sorts to say "are you ok man?".

So will changing the second amendment/beefing up gun laws/limiting high capacity magazines or scary looking AR type rifles address the problem? No. Sadly not. Having said that we probably will do those things and then wring our hands in another year or five when the problem continues and try to find another easy fix for a complicated problem.

We as a country don't do complicated anymore. Our attention spans are too short and our compassion for our fellow man too shallow. We'll click like on a post about someone doing something good but the majority of people won't take the time out of their day to reach out to those nearest us who could use a shoulder and an ear.

We created a complicated problem by trying a simplistic solution. We'll probably try to do the same again. Until we get the big picture that we need to focus on income inequality, education and a true social support net.

The bogey man isn't the NRA. It isn't our progressive/left. The bogey man is us. Until we stop starting into our own navels and caring about those around us. This problem will never go away.
Mar 25, 2015 Frieswitdat commented on What's Seattle's Spiciest Dish?.
If you want heat and yum. Thai Siam on 15th makes a red curry beef, that if ordered 4 stars (they will want to verify you really want it that hot) will give you the involuntary eye watering you mention. They only go to 4 stars and don't do the "farang" American style most other places do.
Jan 5, 2015 Frieswitdat commented on The Morning News: World Rejoices That Gay Men's Leather Shop Will Expand into the Vacuum Place Next Door.
You know what. You don't need to be gay to care about neighborhoods loosing their character. Capital Hill was were I first landed when I moved here in the mid 90's and the artistic and wild west edge that it had were why I stayed here.

When traveling around the country people ask me what makes Seattle so cool. My go to response is that it's a bunch of small neighborhoods with really different feels and inhabitants. I'm starting to feel like that might be a lie.

So bravo for the leather shop! Portland gets it right in "keep Portland weird". We should embrace this as well. Or resign ourselves to be another strip mall, outlet store, fast food generic suburb wasteland.
Sep 15, 2014 Frieswitdat commented on Carmine's Place, Old and New.
My first apartment here in Seattle was in the old Merrill Place apartments back in 1995. Being in the adjoining building and coming home from work to smell the amazing aroma coming from the kitchen at Il Terrazzo are some of my first memories of living in this amazing town.

Knowing that the little sister is just getting it's footing I'll drop in for a glass of wine and and appetizer or two based on the family involved.

The Pioneer Square neighborhood is where my heart still is (even though Elliot Bay Book Store left years ago) and I have a sneaky feeling this could be a regular destination for this wine nerd. I have another sneaky feeling that anyone in the know will find the food here much better than the above review reflects. Just sayin'!
Feb 10, 2014 Frieswitdat commented on Better Than Fried Chicken.
#17. "why leave the head on the shrimp"

Because a shrimp without its head isn't half as tasty. Pull it off. Place hollow to your lips. Suck. Enjoy. Welcome to the world of seafood!