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Feb 28 Richard Thurston commented on Republican State Senator Shocks Colleagues, Kills Funding for Homeless Programs.
@7 Former Mayor of Kirkland, Joan McBride is running against Tom as a Democrat. She's good.
Nov 25, 2013 Richard Thurston commented on Gimme Your Fucking T-Shirt!.
Deborah Harry autograph? Don't you want the chewing gum?
Oct 23, 2013 Richard Thurston commented on Spooky Shit.
Seattle's Only Newspaper!
May 25, 2012 Richard Thurston commented on Class Art.
Thanks for the piece on the Chihuly Museum. I found it well thought out and quite reasonable.

No wonder so many of the posters here hated it.

The slightest media criticism of (fill in the blank with your favorite Seattle business, sports or cultural icon) invariably brings forth howls of protest.

That said I'm glad that if we have to have a larger than life art star here in Seattle we could do worse than Dale Chihuly. Incredibly generous and supportive of thousands of artists and charitable causes over the years.

And, if you ever have a chance to shake his paw, a nice guy.

May 27, 2011 Richard Thurston commented on Eating the Cost.
I wonder how Mr. Meinert manages in rural Mason County without the Seattle nightlife and music 'industry' with its attendant heavy drinking, noise, mess and and lousy behavior he seem always to be peddling to the rest of us stuck in town on the weekend?
Jul 16, 2010 Richard Thurston commented on Elections Have Consequences—For Nightlife.
Of course the club owners are thrilled. The idea of lengthened hours of operation generating all that 'tax revenue' is, pardon the pun, intoxicating. And the clubs don't have to change a thing. I'd be excited too.

Except I'm a mere resident.

This is the problem:

"But nightlife advocates say there are teeth in several of the proposals. As currently written, noise rules are rarely enforced. McGinn's plan would require proof of a noise violation—not just a complaint or the sense that a club is being too loud—before officers could issue a ticket. New regulations would require a resident to complain and police to go inside the complainant's home, shut all the doors and windows, and then measure the noise levels to see if the business was louder than 80 decibels. If so, the bar could face a fine of $1,000."

Teeth? Not even dentures. Given cuts in police staffing levels on the horizon the idea that cops are going to spend much time dealing with noise complaints which lead to this procedure of responding to a complaint, closing the windows, measuring the sound is preposterous.

It isn't going to happen. Cops already have plenty of real problems to contend with in conjunction with the Seattle nightlife 'industry'.

But we have to start somewhere and this is the time to let your representatives know what you want.

For me at the very minimum this language from Council Member Licata's proposed Nighttime Disturbance Ordinance needs to be adopted before we can even begin to think of expanding club hours of operation:

4. “Unreasonable noise” means loud and raucous, and frequent, repetitive, or continuous sounds that are audible to a person of normal hearing at a distance of seventy-five (75) feet or more from the source of the noise. Unreasonable noise may be created by:
a. The amplified or unamplified human voice;
b. Any horn or siren attached to a motor vehicle, except such sounds that are made to warn of danger or that are specifically permitted or required by law;
c. The starting, operation, repair, rebuilding or testing of any motor vehicle, motorcycle, off-highway vehicle, or internal combustion engine.

Sound metering equipment like alcohol testers requires an initial outlay of capital, training for the operator and ongoing calibration and opens a lucrative new sideline for defense attorneys.

On the other hand in this age of shrinking budgets we can let cops deal with crime and turn loose parking officers (or something like them) to write citations.
Mar 4, 2010 Richard Thurston joined My Stranger Face
Mar 4, 2010 Richard Thurston commented on 24-Hour Party, People.
Let's not forget that the suggestion of later/longer hours for clubs, staggered closing times or the end of restrictions on hours of operation all together are but one component among a number of proposals on the table for dealing with public safety, livability and economic issues here in Seattle.

It's an excellent opportunity for a serious discussion regarding our rights as business owners, residents, customers and patrons.

Business owners have a right to earn a profit. Fans have a right to enjoy music. And residents have a right to peace and quiet.

All have a right to a safe environment in which they can pursue their individual interests.

Each group has responsibilities as well.

Club owners have an obligation not to inflict excessive noise on the neighborhood outside their confines. Patrons should have the expectation of not being allowed to fight, scream, shout, litter and urinate in public.

And residents need to realize we aren't living in the burbs.


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