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Apr 10 illiterati commented on My Creepy Jams Are Freaking Out My Coworkers.
I must be one of the few who listens to the soft-rock follow up To Keep From Crying more often than First Utterance. It's like an occult Fleetwood Mac.
Mar 30 illiterati commented on Shelf Deception: A Clear-Eyed Look at the Record Collector.
@6 The acting's terrible but they should've left that scene in High Fidelity.
Jan 21 illiterati commented on Ben Chasny and Donovan Quinn Celebrate Old Drunk America on First Full-Length.
Yesssssss! Can someone get Ben to move back to Seattle?
Nov 25, 2013 illiterati commented on What Is the Heaviest Music You've Ever Heard?.
Daniel Menche at Gallery 1412, in 2004 maybe? He was using a wooden knife, contact mic'd I suppose, and battering his own body with it. Loudest performance I've heard to this date.
Jun 12, 2013 illiterati commented on Never Heard of 'Em.
Last para NAILS the spirit of Jandek. Well done as usual!
May 13, 2013 illiterati commented on Black Bloc Community Service?.
Check out Quaker activist Jim Corbett's theory of "civil obedience": “Civil initiative maintains and extends the rule of law, unlike civil disobedience, which breaks it, and civil obedience, which lets the government break it.” Via http://afriendlyletter.com/goatwalking.h…

May 8, 2013 illiterati commented on Space: The Disco Frontier.
Got a vinyl copy, wanna trade?
Apr 6, 2013 illiterati commented on Value Village Record Bin Watch.
Dibs on the CSNY.
Feb 15, 2013 illiterati commented on Are Theo's "Fair Trade" Chocolates Unfair to Seattle Workers?.
Thanks for covering this issue Goldy!

@1: According to workers, benefits, possible discriminatory wage disparities, and working conditions were at issue, not necessarily low salaries across the board, but I'd like to know also.

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