Sep 7, 2013 eweb commented on NY Times: Organized Labor "Looking to Washington State as a Model".
So on the continuation down this road, what about an initiative to cap public salaries at something line 20 times the average state public salary? Last I looked, that would put the cap somewhere around $750,000, granted, a little high in my book, but lets get the conversation started, right? Goldy, you have experience with the initiative process, is this feasible? Where do you suggest one starts with something like this?
Apr 4, 2013 eweb commented on If You're Having Trouble Hailing a Cab Right Now....
@16 - This! While most of the people on this thread are whiners, the credit card thing is a legitimate complaint that could/should be easily solved.
Apr 1, 2013 eweb commented on Mission 1: Slog Drone vs. SPD Spy Cam.
Look in an office window. Maybe one of the city council's, or the mayor's, perhaps?
Mar 20, 2013 eweb commented on Sally Clark Says I'm Trying to "Intimidate" the City Council.
Honestly, in a city where there is a serious shortage of housing inventory, I can't believe that the council continues to attempt to block anything that might begin addressing the housing shortage. The moratorium on the mother-in-law apartments was incredibly short sighted, and even if you personally would not want to live in one, doing the same to the aPodments is not the answer. We live in a desirable city and the only solution to keep it so is not to keep people out, but to increase the housing stock (of all types!) to allow more people to benefit from living in a vibrant city.
Mar 12, 2013 eweb commented on Which Thing Kills More People in Washington State: The Car or the Gun?.
@1: what argument would that be?
Oct 15, 2012 eweb commented on Figure Out How You're Going to Vote (with Booze!).
Wait, should we have our ballots yet? I haven't received mine yet!
Apr 18, 2012 eweb commented on So I Read Fifty Shades of Grey.
Can we have a rule about naming characters any form of Steele? I just can't take anything seriously after reading that.
Apr 17, 2012 eweb commented on Department of Nitpicking.
Hell yes, Kauai Family Restaurant is fantastic!
Mar 20, 2012 eweb commented on Police Guild President Says Officer Who Allegedly Kicked Suspect in the Head Would've Been Justified Shooting Him, Too, and P.S. City Attorney Pete Holmes Is a Liar.
Woah, is it true that as an officer, you are required to be armed within city limits, whether on or off duty? This seems crazy to me, especially because he was at a bar.