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Dec 9 TheOtherWoman commented on Parts of South Seattle I've Imprinted with Proust.
Beautiful and inspiring. From now on, I will only think kind thoughts about the pedestrian souls I spy seemingly lost in the world of their earbuds.
Let's see if Guterson can leave the same kind of imprint on Federal Way.
Nov 21 TheOtherWoman commented on How Do I Eat This Fucking Burrito?.
::eyeroll:: You know I really don't miss California much anymore, but this is just sad.
Nov 19 TheOtherWoman commented on I, Anonymous.
15 years...took you two lovebirds long enough.

Just kidding. Mazel Tov!!
Jul 20 TheOtherWoman commented on What the Hell Does One Do in North Vancouver?.
Better late than never.... Panorama Park, Deep Cove…

Jul 18 TheOtherWoman commented on Interview with a Woman Who Found a Meth Head Under Her Bed.
Damn you guys, I'm pretty nice too. No one ever offered me brownies.
Jul 7 TheOtherWoman commented on Summer Is for Skinny People.

Yes, I can read. (lame assumption #1)

"he or she said there are SOME who can't control their weight." (opposite of OP's point)

I have ALSO lost 50 pounds too. Yes, it was hard. (lame assumption #2 that I'm just an excuse making fatty)

Your "scientific fact" example of rate of weight loss disregards individual metabolism (as well as fat loss vs. muscle loss and muscle gain) You're just plain wrong about that. It's nowhere near that simple. Look up the research.

Actual scientific knowledge about the very real challenges of weight loss, both physiologic and psychological is easily obtainable for free on the internet and yet you have chosen not to seek it out.

I think everyone who is overweight would be healthier if they lost the excess weight. However, since I'm not their doctor, I'm not going to assume I know what caused the extra weight or what they need to do to lose it. Furthermore, I don't consider it any of my business.

In fact I don't waste much of my time judging people on that weight, or on physical appearance, because I find it doesn't have any bearing on the quality of a person.

Like almost everyone, I have a number of weakness and shortcomings that I need to work on. I find that focusing my attention on self-improvement is far more productive than thinking about other people's imperfections.

Jul 7 TheOtherWoman commented on Summer Is for Skinny People.
@21 "The number of people who honestly can't control their weight is such a small number it can't be seriously used as an excuse."

Saying everyone can control their weight is like saying everyone can graduate from college. What, for some, is quite easy, takes tremendous effort for others, for reasons not of their making.
Jun 18 TheOtherWoman commented on Savage Love.
One day in high school a group of surfer dudes I knew called me over from across the quad. They smiled and waved as I walked toward them. When I reached them, and greeted them..What's up, etc. one of them said "Steve's been wanting to ask you a question." Long pause..Steve: Can I suck your nipples? Five of the six guys bust out laughing. It was totally humiliating and they loved it.One guy obviously didn't know it was coming..practically did a spit take, immediately starts yelling: "What the FUCK is wrong with all of you. That is so uncool. You guys are twisted etc" He lead me away asked how I was, said not to worry about those idiots etc. Surprised me because I didn't know this guy well. Always seemed nice and polite but quiet and a bit shy. Back in high school his name was Eddie he's known by a different name...Eddie Vedder. Thanks Ed : )
Mar 23 TheOtherWoman commented on Oh My God, Look at This Old Photo of Kelly O.
Wanted: Photo Gallery of reader submissions- "My Worst 80's Hair"

I have a classic. It's not Bad bad, just "Someone has been watching too much Charlie's Angels" bad.
Mar 4 TheOtherWoman commented on Elliott Bay Books Owner Says $15 Minimum Wage Could Be "Possibly Fatal".
@63 Of course, other labor related costs do NOT remain constant. Employer payroll taxes (SS, Medicare, L&I, Employment Security) are all based on gross wage and will also go up.

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