Sep 8, 2015 Spy D commented on Last Days.
The Stranger is starting to become "that paper that was good once but has died due to editorial mismanagement". Get rid of Ann Romano, she's killing this column!!
Nov 6, 2014 Spy D commented on Comic.
Well, the artists sure was effective at provoking a discussion (albeit a a trolley, "you're a fucking moron, person I'll never have to face" kinda discussion)... For the record, humans are selfish, injurious shitbags to other species in more ways than we're not. This is just one of countless examples.
Jun 25, 2014 Spy D commented on The Punk Science of Fuck Buttons.
Apr 23, 2014 Spy D commented on The Sunset's Northwest Psych Fest Announced.
Nov 26, 2013 Spy D commented on George Zimmerman Was Carrying an Arsenal When He Was Arrested.
What folks seem to be conveniently glossing over here is not that he owns five guns, it's that he had this many on him. There's a big difference between merely owning five guns versus carrying five guns on you when you're at the house of a woman you have a history of violently abusing.

By definition, five guns and 100 rounds of ammo definitely can be considered an arsenal (arsenal |ˈärs(ə)-nl| - noun - a collection of weapons and military equipment stored by a country, person, or group).

But in this case specifically, anyone claiming Zimmerman taking five guns and 100 rounds to his girlfriend's house is "nothing" is a disingenuous fuck stick. Those people pretend any amount of weaponry by anyone, including someone with a history of undue violence, is reasonable. It makes you sound like lobotomized veg heads.

You morons are a better argument for gun control than anything the left could invent. If you would just admit that this fucking Zimmerman guy is precisely the kind of person who shouldn't be armed, then we might be able to reach common ground. But why consider your arguments to be valid when you take such a stupid fucking position?
Oct 5, 2013 Spy D commented on Last Days.
Oh god, make it stop!!
Oct 2, 2013 Spy D commented on Coffee and Mars Hill.
@7: It's not about the employees, it's about the owners. And anyway, the place is apparently filled with Christian employes (with Bible tattoos even!). Think that's an accident. Please. Those employes were vetted and you can believe, based on the beliefs of the owners, that no one is getting through unless they agree with their politics.

Just because you don't care whether your consumer spending supports hateful politics, that doesn't mean others don't. We vote with our dollars more than with our votes in this country. You send money their way, you promote their ideals and agenda by making these people more powerful. Failing to see that doesn't make it less true (just like denying climate change doesn't fix the fucked up weather).
Jun 21, 2013 Spy D commented on I Love Television.
@ tvjunkie - why so serious? because you're a junkie and your serotonin levels are in the toilet? of course Humpy can't dictate what we watch. what is he, a dick tater? it's comedy, for cripe's sake! your brand of seriousness makes me sad. it's like how angry jebus followers give his thingy a bad name. don't be kill the tv joy by being a radical fanatical...
Jun 4, 2013 Spy D commented on Savage Love.
@6 - The woman isn't an idiot. Even if her husband is nice to her for a month ("A FULL WEEK!!" is your idea? weak is your idea) after the demand like you suggest she make, she's not going to feel at all satisfied. It'd be pathetically obvious he's not being the least bit considerate of her needs. In fact, it's such an obvious ploy to manipulate her feelings into getting his own result that I think that would only make her more embittered. Terrible advice, you didn't listen to this woman at all. Terrible. TERRIBLE.