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Mar 11, 2010 KevinMills joined My Stranger Face
Mar 11, 2010 KevinMills commented on High School In Mississippi Cancels Prom to Prevent Lesbian Student From Bringing Female Date.
My cc'ed emails to Mr. Hood, Ms. Nichols, and Mr. Martin came back as "failures". Either they are rejecting emails or their boxes were crashed by volume of correspondence. The others appear to have gone through.

Here is the text of my letter:

Ladies and gentlemen:

Please re-consider your decision to cancel the 2010 Itawamba Agricultural High School prom. I'm certain that your district has received quite enough negative publicity already as regards this ill-considered decision, so I will not belabor the obvious. I'm sure you, as superintendent, and as school board members, did not mean to portray yourselves and your school district as backwards, homophobic caricatures of what so many people in this country and the world over already look at as "redneck Southerners". Reversing your decision before legally obligated to do so (as you most certainly will be) would be a very positive public relations move to salvage what little you can from this already quite unfortunate situation (as well as, more importantly, being the right thing to do). Thank you in advance for reading and considering my letter and for your kind attention in this matter.


Kevin R. Mills
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania