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Mar 11, 2010 betsyV commented on High School In Mississippi Cancels Prom to Prevent Lesbian Student From Bringing Female Date—And Potentially Incites Violence Against Lesbian Student.
Ms. McNeece, Superintendent; School Board Members Mr. Hood, Ms. Nichols, Mr. Martin, Ms. Brown, and Mr. Wallace:

I urge you to consider the message of your actions in first cancelling the school prom in order to prevent a lesbian student from attending with her same-sex date, also a student, and then inviting private parties to organize their own proms with exclusionary rights protected by law. The first lesson is that protection of the law applies only if and when the community approves. We may call ourselves a nation of laws not men, we may say we are governed by the Constitution, but the lesson of the Itawamba County School District is that lesbians do not have citizenship rights, and if a student suffers harm, whether physical or psychological, resulting from the cancellation of the school prom, it is just punishment for being lesbian. Are these truly the lessons you are trying to instill in the young people entrusted to your care? Can you do so and consider yourselves defenders of the Constitution?


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