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May 30, 2014 Eugene Rushmore commented on Working At Vice Is Shitty, Say Vice Journalists.
you can't fault vice for not having a conscience. this is how
business operates. if your employees are willing to work for
slave wages, then that is what they get. never mind that vice
regularly covers human / civil rights issues across the globe,
yet ignore them in the finance department. and if the pay is
a joke, you can always get a second / third job at mcdonalds
like every patriotic american. if you don't like the situation,
just quit watching their material. there is superior journalism
and content out there, you just have to look. also, as others
have said, just how different is "the stranger" from "vice"?
Aug 21, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Does Hempfest Matter Anymore?.
interesting article dominic. i think hempfest does still matter, not so much as a soapbox, but as a communal thing to share with others. unfortunately there are some elements that hijacked the experience (imho). five years you could enter with no wait. two years ago i had to wait about an hour in a dense line that wrapped around several blocks. nowhere to sit, junior high kids ripping five foot bongs and begging you to get in their face. of course, not everyone attending is like that. i guess i'm built of a more mellow nature, with the ability to go bonkers in the proper atmosphere. i enjoy a bit more peace and relaxation. but these things happen once popularity is achieved. it happened to the bock party and bumbershoot as well. perhaps it is time for a new and fresh event in seattle. who knows what it could be, but i like the idea. perhaps i'll give it another go next year.
Aug 16, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Cops Bust Tons of Stoners at Hempfest!!!.
the first hempfest i attended was in 2008, and i did
witness a couple arrests, but nothing too crazy. but
i must also say the atmosphere was more low-key
and enjoyable. listening to people like rick steeves
and other activists speak were highlights. but my
last appearance was a couple years ago, and it was
my last. unfortunately the event has been poisoned
by the swarms of obnoxious teenage punks. if you
must go, be sure to bring a machete. five years ago
you could easily find space to sit, mellow, and relax.
now you can expect a sardine factory. as for the
passage of I-502, there are those that revel in the
public smoking experience. yes, i've done it many
times, but i still prefer the comfort of my place.
try lighting up near an spd member and see what
happens. stick to the parks and secluded spaces.
Jul 22, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Lunchtime Quickie: Let's Play Who's The Bigger Asshole!.
the guy is a douche for making the video, but i guess
he had to in order to prove a point. i used to witness
similar things at work. all the ladies would sit around
during lunch bashing their husbands and boyfriends
in the open, with no shame. and some of the details
were so ugly they shouldn't have been repeated. hens
in a hen house. i think it stems from modern reality
television, and the worship of infantile entertainment.
behind closed doors is another matter, but keep this
garbage private before it kills your marriage. ($0.02)
Jun 27, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Drunkinng with Charlse Mudede.
sounds like a good time. i just want to
know how you pick your spots. via word of
mouth from others, or a little research
in your free time? and have you ever gone
somewhere and said to yourself, "get me
the #$%* out of here"? sometimes i have
a hard time digesting swankier locations,
and prefer it slightly trashy. also @1, i
agree. we all want to know where to go. it
makes me feel more connected to city life.
Jun 26, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on SOMM: A Lackluster Portrait of an Arcane World.
i watched the trailer and was interested,
but the scores on imdb were quite low. the
subject matter is what interests me. i'm
not a wine expert, but the complexity of
the exam is what struck me the most, and
the people who choose to enter the field.
i think being a sommelier is mostly fluff,
but i imagine they make a decent living.
Jun 24, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Drinkding with Charlse Mudede.
i'm liking the "drinking with charles" series. ironically, i too have been to the boxcar a few times late at night. i think you, like me, don't mind a drink or two, but more importantly, enjoy the art of exploration. a good friend of mine lives in magnolia, and for a stretch, we were walking miles across seattle every weekend or two. hitting bars that were on the outskirts, and perhaps a bit less known. i remember walking from capitol hill, the jukebox, taking a leak, buying a couple beers, and a couple whiskeys. asking the bartender where my buddy was, and him pointing outside, where he was chatting with a black girl i think he knew. then karma chameleon by culture club erupted from the jukebox unexpectedly. the karaoke session began in the back, and it really picked up. it seemed to be a neighborhood bar, and everyone was pretty much local. no complaints from me, i had a good time. and when you walk outside, as you mentioned, near the tracks, it has an eerie vibe, but it's peaceful and quiet. anyway, keep up with these pieces, and i'll keep reading. ($0.02)
Jun 14, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Gold Star Comment of the Day.
i only read "the stranger" for the comedy
Jun 13, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Now Closed.
the closure of 'frites' in capitol hill
still saddens me. the quick and tasty
solution after a visit to the pub.
french fries done just right.
May 24, 2013 Eugene Rushmore commented on Spotted on a Window.
@8 : it's interesting how an ambiguous statement or image can be interpreted.
i also think people tend to poke at things they 'think' they don't identify with.
as long as i've lived up here this has always been a touchy (and funny) topic.
but what is a 'hipster' anyway? a fashion statement? a lifestyle? like any other
social group, a means to fit in and belong. and even those who make snotty
comments probably don't really have much of a beef, otherwise they wouldn't
live in seattle, drink at the bars, eat at the restaurants, or even get out at all.