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Mar 12, 2010 DocJanet commented on High School in Mississippi Cancels Prom to Prevent Lesbian Student from Bringing Female Date—and Potentially Incites Violence Against Lesbian Student.
For all those interested in DONATING TO AN ALTERNATIVE PROM:

I wrote to the MS Safe Schools Coalition, and they are working on one already. Here's part of the email that she sent back to me,

"Yes, absolutely. We have been planning a Second Chance Prom and are heading up efforts to coordinate anything to support the youth at IAHS. We originally planned to hold the event in Jackson, but are now moving to Tupelo in order to most support IAHS.
The MS Safe Schools Coalition's fiscal agent is the ACLU of MS, and so for legal purposes the donations and expenses would be managed through there. Donations would be made out to the ACLU of MS but you can earmark them (in Address 2 line if it's not needed) so that they go in to the MSSC Fund, and the monies will only be used for MSSC purposes, such as the Second Chance Prom. The link to the donation page is:….
The MS Safe Schools Coalition is currently trying to manage all the support and love that individuals are showing from around the country. We are currently working with some donors on a prom already, and we would love to work with you as well. The more support we have the more injustices we can take on, such as the situation at hand in Itawamba."

Hope some of you who wrote about wanting to donate are able to check back on the comments and see this ;)