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Nov 30 xina commented on The Death of the Anchor Store.
When I lived on Capitol Hill (over 7 years ago now) I went into Pretty Parlor (vintage store on Summit Ave. across from the Biltmore where I lived at the time) looking for a sweater or some other cover up to go over a spaghetti strap dress I had purchased to wear to a friend's wedding. The bitch in the store couldn't be bothered to help me and suggested I try Sears. Apparently that was the best insult she could come up with having made her determination that I was not hipster enough to be shopping in her shit hole. Still hoping someone will burn that store down.
Nov 24 xina commented on What Dog Parks Tell Us About Private Proverty.
Seems doubtful you've ever been to a dog park. I used to take a friend's dog to the dog park on 3rd and Bell (that was formerly a park where homeless people lived). There was always a lot of drama b/c there was always at least one jerk there who refused to properly observe or discipline their dog. This friend's dog got attacked and bitten (and left bloody and traumatized) once at this park - I was not there that time, very thankful for that. Just like everything on earth good thing and bad things happen in dog parks.
Nov 10 xina commented on The Walking Dead Chitty-Chat Club: G.I. Ginger!.
This was the story line in the comic HOWEVER since they do so much that is not in the comic or different from the comic they really could have done without this story line altogether. The first three episodes of this season were great. This episode and the episode about Beth both sucked so bad it's like there are too many people writing for the show and some are good and some suck (and I'm guessing the one that sucks is the guy who wrote the comic). UGH.
Oct 22 xina commented on The Song of the Day is "Dig Me Out" by Sleater-Kinney.
So many good songs it's hard to choose a favorite. I do thoroughly enjoy:

You're No Rock and Roll Fun

Words and Guitar

Modern Girl

Little Babies

Good Things

Milkshake and Honey

Heart Factory

I Want to be Your Joey Ramone

The Drama You've Been Craving

I'm Not Waiting

One More Hour
Oct 7 xina commented on As Ridership on Light Rail Grows, Citizens of this City Need to Improve Their Social Intelligence.
yeah i lived in NYC and people do this there, too, but yes they will be called out for it. i once had to ride the subway right after having surgery on my broken wrist. i needed to sit so i chose to ask the guy sitting across the THREE seats labeled for disabled/elderly if he would move so i could sit down. know what he said? your can stand, it's your arm that's in a cast! i gave him a ration of shit and he moved and let me sit down but still. there are assholes everywhere. the only way people will stop being assholes is if they are called out on their behavior every time. good luck with that in seattle where passive aggression is the rule, not the exception. i expect a lot of sighing and eye rolling and silent staring, but no actual WORDS SPOKEN.
Aug 25 xina commented on Henry Rollins Apologizes for His Comments on Suicide.
Really sick and tired of celebrities and politicians saying hateful sh*t and then issuing an apology when people call them out on it. How about keeping your big fat mouth shut? Or stand by what you said in the first place, like the hateful piece of sh*t you are.
Aug 21 xina commented on Challenger Accuses Dave Reichert of Ice Bucket Hypocrisy.
and PS isn't the 12th man any/every fan of the Seattle Seahawks (I know nothing of football, but that's my understanding) so didn't he actually challenge a lot of people?
Aug 21 xina commented on Challenger Accuses Dave Reichert of Ice Bucket Hypocrisy.
Typical Republican. It's all about making themselves look good while they're actually screwing you over and gutting the government. Then again, other than all the money poured into their pockets and to pay for war, they expect everything to be funded by charity. What an a$$h0le.
Aug 8 xina commented on Who Can Afford to Rent a Place in San Francisco?.
As someone who has been helping two friends (one in Seattle and one in NYC) try to find an apartment, via Craigslist, these prices are not accurate. The costs listed here for 2 bedrooms is more accurately the cost of a studio apartment, if that.
Aug 8 xina commented on The Morning News: Bodies Pulled Out of Green Lake, Shooting on Beacon Hill.
Interesting how there has been no coverage of Jenice Wright in The Stranger, not even in Dan's favorite topic "every child deserves a mother and a father." Jenice Wright, neglected 6 year old, found murdered in Bremerton trailer park. National news, not one mention here.

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