11:45 AM xina commented on How Uber and Lyft Reduce Taxi Cab Racism.
Even if that is true, you are forgetting that Uber and Lyft are for those of a certain class - those who have a smart phone and have the money to use such services. I am white, but I am disabled and don't have a smart phone and can't use Uber or Lyft (and wouldn't anyway since I believe the "sharing" economy is a bunch of BS that is all about rich people wanting to not have to follow rules or pay taxes, make money, and not have to deal with the consequences of anything bad that happens when their "employees" and/or "customers" experience problems (rapes, robberies, stolen wages, damages, etc.). I am just as likely to be passed by a taxi due to my mobility aids and required assistance, even though I am white. And I have no other choices in a last minute situation (ACCESS or paratransit has to be scheduled at least a day in advance) unless someone I know is able to drive me where I need to go. And another question I have (since I no longer live in Seattle) - are you able to hail cabs in Seattle now? When I lived there 2002-2007, you had to call a cab, one could not be hailed. To be fair, even as a disabled person I have successfully managed to get a cab in Seattle twice (in the years between 2011 and 2013), without calling, once outside of Neumo's where the cab was parked at the gas station and once on the street by Pike Place Market when my able bodied friend stopped the cab and got it for me. At least 3X I've been in New York since becoming disabled and was able to successfully hail a cab every time I was there (at least 6 times). I was traveling with non-disabled people, though, who did the managing of my mobility aids - the taxi drivers did not. I experienced more hassle and problems with taxi drivers hailed in NYC when I lived there (1998-2002) as an able bodied person, because I lived in Brooklyn and taxi drivers would often refuse to go to Brooklyn (despite it being against the law to do so). At least with a taxi, I had taxi court where I could file a complaint against a driver (who had a medallion number) and get some justice when mistreated. Uber and Lyft offer no such process.
Aug 8 xina commented on Here's Matt Hickey on FetLife, Looking for "Sluts" in Vegas.
Yep. Rapey McRaperson needs to be outed on every personal web site and at every opportunity. Women need to know that he is a rapist and that he uses drugs and deceit to commit his rape crimes. This is not a matter of this man not being guilty. We need to believe the women who said this man raped them. We need to make sure that men and women are doing everything they can to make sure this man does not rape again. He will. He is absolutely set on it. He doesn't care. He is going on with his business as usual. He needs to be shut down. I SO hope he tries to rape a prostitute that's actually a cop and gets to see the inside of a jail cell - with every woman he's raped giving an impact statement at his trial. All men like this need to be made obsolete and it is men, truly, who need to make rape 100% unacceptable and end it completely.
Aug 2 xina commented on Mukilteo Shooting Suspect Charged with Murder, Faces Death or Life in Prison.
my comment is riddled with grammar mistakes. oh well.
Aug 2 xina commented on Mukilteo Shooting Suspect Charged with Murder, Faces Death or Life in Prison.
REALLY sick and tired of males murdering women who refuse them (don't want their sexual attention, break up with them, don't want to go to the prom with them, don't want to give them the time of day, don't want to smile at them, don't want to be bought a drink by them, don't want to talk to them, don't want to "be polite" when men are trying to do something women don't want them to do - carry something for them, do them a favor, show up at their door with a gift, etc. etc. etc. Google "When Women Refuse" and read the litany of never ending murders of women by men who when women refuse to do what the men want them to do. Seriously, it is time for a serious intervention with the males of the species. WOMEN DON'T OWE YOU ANYTHING. WOMEN DO NOT EXIST FOR YOU.
Jul 8 xina commented on Seattle Police Union Blames "Minority Movement" After Dallas Shootings.
Charles Manson is finally getting his race war. Until ALL AMERICANS and that means 100% OF WHITE AMERICANS demand that the murdering of black people by police in this country stops and police who murder black people in this country go to jail, for life, after each murder they commit, there will be no peace. If cops can disarm and not murder crazy ass white people waving guns around and shooting at police (like just happened in North Carolina) they can NOT murder black people. They are choosing to murder black people. Nothing in response to the continuous murder of black people has put a stop to it - not the murder of a 12 year old unarmed child, not peaceful protests, not begging our government to do something about it, not crying, screaming, marching, hoping, NOTHING HAS WORKED. It's time now for every single American and that means EVERY SINGLE WHITE AMERICAN sick of this genocide to make it stop. Demand cops who murder get indicted, tried, and jailed. Demand that we put an end to the militarization of our police forces. Demand that cops stop treating black and brown bodies like shooting ranges. Listening to that 4 year old little girl calmly comfort her mother after a man is shot FOUR TIMES and killed right in front of her has finally broken my soul and my soul has been cracking and bleeding and dying for a long time now. This is not the society in which I agreed to live. It is time for the racist plague in this country to finally be put down once and for all. ENOUGH. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY ENOUGH. It's time for EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN WHO IS SICK OF THIS TO PUT THEIR BODIES ON THE FRONT LINE UNTIL THIS ENDS. ENOUGH.
Jul 7 xina commented on Baker Refuses to Make a Cake for a Same-Sex Couple.
Sue them. They'll lose and have to pay just like the bigoted bakers in Oregon. When will these a$$holes learn? They need to stuff their bigotry in the closet or close their businesses.
May 5 xina commented on Sound Transit Should Consider Fining Those Who Place Bags in Seating Area for People With Disabilities.
People are assholes. As a disabled person I've had to ask people to move out of disabled seating. I've had people refuse to move out of disabled seating. On a train to Long Island I was with my friend's 87 year old mother (who was helping me travel to LI from Penn Station in NYC) YELL at a group of able bodied people all sitting in the disabled seating OH ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO HAVE TO MOVE - even a group of children whose mother just stood there and let her children continue to sit there. Every day I see people parking in disabled parking spots without a permit and using amenities for the disabled simply because they feel entitled to do so and THEY DO NOT CARE. Every time I have to use a public bathroom there is someone in the handicapped stall even if all of the rest of the stalls are empty. The two biggest offenders are those who think a handicapped stall exists for them to take a nice long shit in and those who think a handicapped stall is for them to bring their children into so they all have room to be in the same stall at the same time. Having children does not equal being disabled. And what are those people teaching their children? How to be just as entitled and oblivious as they are.
May 3 xina commented on Why Our City Should Embrace Passive Aggressiveness.
Oh and PS the entire premise of this article is wrong. Passive aggressiveness is ALL ABOUT putting everything on the other person, because the passive aggressive person refuses to own anything (their own feelings) and insists others bear the brunt of that refusal.
May 3 xina commented on Why Our City Should Embrace Passive Aggressiveness.
You tell people to move their bag so that you can sit down. If you want to call it asking or phrase it as a question go ahead - but seats are for people. If Seattle's going to be a "real city" then it needs to learn how to act like a grown a$$ adult and do what needs to be done. I cannot even fathom someone in NYC not telling someone to move their bag so they can sit down on a crowded subway. Seriously. Get a grip on reality.
Feb 22 xina commented on Vancouver BC Serial Killer Publishes Book.
that should read Amazon LOVES to publish trash.