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Sandiai That's a rather personal question. OK, I'm typing into some sort of blog, of which I am only vaguely familiar.
6:13 PM yesterday Sandiai commented on Science News: The White Cops Killing African Americans are the Recent Descendents of Africans, and the Science of Presidential Debates.
@6, I sort of was thinking that too. Perhaps our resident archeologist (hey cutey!) would like to comment. I guess Ethan was referring exclusively to H. sapiens, and not erectus or neanderthalensis?

Also, way to conflate two disparate issues! And to what effect?? Smart people already know all humans are African. It doesn't stop us from seeing those small differences referred to as "race," and using those meaningless, superficial differences to be assholes to each other (looking at you Posse).
5:55 PM yesterday Sandiai commented on EOD: Lady Parts Justice League Pays Homage to Beyoncé's "Formation" in Protest of Anti-Abortion Laws.
I love this so much.

Accurate, science-based sex-education should be the norm across the nation, goddammit, not just in blue states. The morning-after pill should be cheap and OTC Everywhere, and birth control should be free.
Democratic policies have proven the best at preventing abortions.……
Sep 22 Sandiai commented on Savage Love.
@87, some people just have "interesting" lives lol. I got more caught up in the story of "Roar."
Sep 22 Sandiai commented on Danny Westneat Says We Need to Hire More Police Because of Increased Gun Violence and Rape.
Good discussions when the trolls don't show up, yes?
Sep 20 Sandiai commented on Fuck CNN For Giving Donald Trump Hours of Airtime For His Birther Statement.
The trolls get paid for their trolling. Slog, please stop this nonsense that is feeding millions of pennies into the Trump campaign.
Sep 20 Sandiai commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
لیلی و مجنون‎‎ sounds interesting. I wish I could partake.
Sep 20 Sandiai commented on America's Largest Police Union Endorses Donald Trump.
@Posse, the answer to Venom's question is ONE! One is too many. The justice system is (supposedly) designed to favor the innocent at the expense of letting a few guilty get off free. Do you not adhere to these (rather commonly-held) views of American justice?
Sep 20 Sandiai commented on The Morning News: Seattle Athletes of all Ages Protest the National Anthem, City Council to Vote on Improving Lives of Hourly Workers.
They're being paid 0.05-0.10 cents a post. And like 0.004 cents per response tick. That's why it's important to ignore ignore ignore. Repeat (to yourself)..."they don't exist"..."they don't exist"...

I'd be up for a new vetting process, even payment. What say you Slog overlords?
Sep 20 Sandiai commented on Next for #BlocktheBunker Campaign: Block the New Youth Detention Center, Block the Hiring of Any New Police Officers.
@22 lol. It's really not my problem that you're an irrational scaredy cat.

@17, "Causing no harm at all, except no unnecessary arrests, for a couple days." Yeah that was pretty funny that crime rates dropped when the police stopped policing. (Basically, people get along when the po-po gangs aren't on the streets stirring up shit). They sure showed US!
Sep 20 Sandiai commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: She Wants To Want Her Husband Again.
I kind of got the same vibes as avast, but am quite dismayed that Troll got off on it too. Whatayougonnado?