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Born in Mississippi, raised in Utah, educated in California, Cairo and Detroit.

Sep 20, 2013 j.utah commented on SLLOTD: The Anti-Choice Boyfriend.
Men opposing abortion is immoral and wrong. A pregnancy needs the woman's body to survive and a woman who is pregnant has guaranteed increased health risks and increased mortality risks. Since women bear ALL of the health risks of a pregnancy and men bear NONE, men have no right to an opinion on abortion. A guy has the all the choice in the world to not ejaculate inside a woman, but once the sperm leaves his body his right to an opinion on abortion is forfeit. This isn't a " a sincere moral disagreement" between two 18 yr olds in "love" this is a guy telling her very clearly that he gets to decide when they have sex and what she does with her body. And she is telling her that she has no choice on what health risks she takes on. All the Jesus, Prozac, alcohol and Valium in the world won't save her sanity if she stays with him.
Feb 20, 2013 j.utah commented on He's Mormon and He's Gay and He's Coming Out.
First he was a Mormon, now he's a gay Mormon, hopefully soon he will just be gay and no longer Mormon. Because he'll have to grow out of the LDS church in order to find love and intimacy without the guilt or self loathing. It is courageous to accept yourself as gay when you are told your whole life that it's wrong and it take courage to accept that the church you were born into is just another man-made religion and not a direct conduit to the divine. He made the first step toward freedom, I hope he completes the journey. Peace
Oct 5, 2011 j.utah commented on Our Joe the Plumber Is a Lot Smarter Than Their Joe the Plumber.
eloquent, articulate, on message and sharp! Damn it's good to hear someone speak the truth
Feb 4, 2011 j.utah commented on SL Letter of the Day: Let Me Dilate That For You.
The fool who said there are no stupid questions was sadly mistaken.

Here's some answers so others don't need to embarrass themselves by asking, the cervix is composed of muscle cells, a boner isn't really a bone, a woody isn't made of wood, the pelvis does not soften during childbirth it's the joints between the bones that compose the pelvis that soften, the clitoris is found above the vagina where the inner lips meet, some clams are bearded and some tacos are pink, it may be called country but it ain't music.
Jan 23, 2011 j.utah commented on Do Not Feed Donuts To Your Obese Children.
This isn't a civil rights issue, it's a health issue. Obesity is harmful not because it is unattractive but because it endangers peoples lives.

Equating Dan's criticism of parents for abusing their kids with food to "picking on obese children" is detrimental to the physical and mental health of these kids.

Genetics leads some to gain/lose weight easier than others, but it doesn't food in their mouths against their will.

I work with far too many teenagers who have BMIs well over 40, many have diabetes, high blood pressure and other devastating diseases as a direct result of their morbid obesity. All of them have extremely complicated pregnancies which endanger their lives and the lives of their babies.

By defending fatness as a right or lifestyle choice is enabling growing numbers of people to mortally hurt themselves.

I have numerous coworkers in their forties and fifties who are barely able to walk due to their weight and the destruction of their hips and knees from their uncontrolled consumption. They will soon be in nursing homes unable to rise from their bed and will have to sit in their own piss and shit until a healthcare team can wheel in the hydraulic lift to raise them enough or just roll them over so that someone can wash their ass. They'll endure this humiliating reality for 20 years until pneumonia, infected bedsores, urinary tract infections which spread to blood infections, strokes, heart attacks, endometrial cancers and a host of other fat-related morbidities combine to kill them slowly.
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Mar 13, 2010 j.utah commented on Meanwhile On Teresa McNeece's Facebook Page....
Thanks ACLU, freedom and justice are for everyone. Just gave $50 to the National office to help Constance and $50 to the Michigan chapter.
J. Utah