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Mar 21, 2010 nothing in particular joined My Stranger Face
Mar 15, 2010 nothing in particular commented on City Attorney: Let's Study 24-Hour Liquor Licenses.
I fully support the idea of subsidized taxis. Right now it's either find a teatotaler friend, pay $20 and up for a taxi or just drive drunk. Maybe bars that have food service could be food only from 2:00 to 6:00, so you wouldn't have to go home. I love the comment by the gal who lives in Europe but I don't think changing bar hours will change american behavior. I work in an area with alot of bars and as a neighbor of the bar scene, I oppose the idea of extending bar hours. I have found (and had to clean up) cigarette butts, street food, gum, stickers, vomit, blood and other bodily fluids and trash on a daily basis. I can only immagine how bad it would be without a last call. Going out is fun, but living or working next to bars is the hangover.