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Oct 17, 2015 squabmeat commented on The City Librarian Wants to Spend Almost $2 Million on a Rebrand. Don’t Let That Happen..
The numbers posted for a simple logo change are stunningly small. I helped the design for the bigger overpasses leading to the new Olympic sites in Atlanta in 1996, and even then for one buildings little on-glass changes, let alone manufacture of small in-building signs just ridiculous. With that sort of suggested budget? You might get a logo and a (copyrighted) symbol that a company might RENT to the library system. This guy suggesting these thing is either wanting to get involved in a Bertha-like quagmire, or is a MUCH better under-the-table-negotiator than I, or I should REALLY hire him...for what, I'm not sure, salesman?
Sep 19, 2013 squabmeat commented on I, Anonymous.
How about tearing down Club Z instead of the entire Bauhaus city block???
Jul 13, 2010 squabmeat commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
Seven years??? Try fifteen at least. This is yet another example of how far behind the (trendy, current) times Seattle is, even in marginal performance art. Additionally, if you are physically hideous, burlesque does not "liberate" anything but my lunch. Ho-frickin-hum.
Jun 3, 2010 squabmeat commented on My Daughter, Her Hair, and the Seattle School District.
This is SUCH a bad idea to publish this article post-attorney. The racism gets thrown in the ring pretty quickly by Mudede, who seems to forget from time to time that his wife is white. Perhaps the poor little Chinese girl was adopted, or had an Anglo mom or dad. Maybe Mudede shouldn't refer to the majority-black class as "lower". Maybe inflammatory statements published in a newspaper won't affect the schools response. Maybe humans should get over themselves. But I doubt it.
Jun 3, 2010 squabmeat commented on Killer Barracuda.
Seattle "Mexican" food is sad...
Jun 3, 2010 squabmeat commented on What'choo Talkin' 'Bout, Everyone.
This could possibly be one of the worst "articles" ever written in the Stranger...and they have Mudede!
Jun 3, 2010 squabmeat commented on Worst Popes Ever.
Ho hum. With all the real papal action in the world, why did you feel you had to make up lame stuff? Where are the anti-popes? The female pope? The pope who was found dead with a red-hot poker in his bum???
May 18, 2010 squabmeat commented on Mystery Meat.
Rain Mountian on Cap Hill is AWESOME! And Russ knows where EVERYTHING comes from, including the names of farmers, etc. And he has fresh squab...mmm, pigeon!

A n J on Queen Anne is good too...
Mar 17, 2010 squabmeat joined My Stranger Face
Mar 17, 2010 squabmeat commented on The Fried-Chicken Ideal.
DAAAMN Fnarf! I moved here from Atlanta 6 years ago and I still miss Popeye's!! That being said, my chicken is the best in town. Sadly, it's pretty much invite-only. I took me a while to get decent greens, too...

And yeah, I keep Ice tea in an old glass milk jug in the fridge...