Aug 10, 2015 HMRBEAR commented on City Council Approves Taxes on Guns and Bullets.
Glad I live on the city/county line...
Oct 23, 2014 HMRBEAR commented on Mormons Invite Us Into Their Underpants.
Using your logic it would then be perfectly tollerable to mock and make fun of a Muslim woman's hajib or a Jewis man's Yamukle or a Bhudist monk's safron robe. I was born and raised in Salt Lake and graduated from BYU. I left the church years ago and share your disdain for the political actions of their leadership and some of the memebers. But I find your mocking and belittling of the things they find sacred and holy, regardless if younshare those beliefs or not equally disdainful and just as biggoted as their actions. Orthodox Jews are equally as anti gay yet I dont see you dissing their dress. Why not?
Sep 30, 2014 HMRBEAR commented on The Secret Service Is a Highly Functional Organization That Occasionally Fails in Spectacular Ways.
I do think the major problem is that the Secret Service has gotten a lil bit lazy. But then again it was rather sickening to watch those Republican congressmen who have been trimming the budget then get mad at the Director for saying it was a budget issue...let alone Jason Chaftez of Utah getting all high and mighty about protecting the President...a president he HATES and Im sure he and the test of those tea party congressmen would secretly enjoy if the Secret Service fails and something happens to this President.
Oct 29, 2013 HMRBEAR commented on Anybody Ever Been to Tucson?.
It is. I lived there for a mumber of years. Its gorgeous, not too hot, the most liberal place in AZ, which isnt sayin much, but it did have a gay Congressman at one time. The old San Xavier mission is beautiful so go see that. And spend a day driving down to Nogales Sonora Mexico, and you will pass a coue of more old abandoned Spanish missions from the 1500s. Its a great winter getaway from here.
Aug 22, 2013 HMRBEAR commented on So... I Just Got a Phone Call.
Just for fun you should monitor and post what they write about your story.
Jun 5, 2013 HMRBEAR commented on City Council Members Vote Ex-Offender Bill Out of Committee to Full Council.
First of all one should proof one's blog entries before publishing -- its council member BAGSHAW I counted at least two "Bashaws", and its an amendment she PROPOSED not "opposed"...

That being said -- this is yet another way for Seattle to drive employers out of the city. If I'm employing someone I have the right to choose who I hire, and being a convicted felon is not, nor should it be a protected class. I've hired convicts and I've rejected convicts, but it's my business and I get to make that decision, not the city of Seattle.
Nov 13, 2012 HMRBEAR commented on Ed Murray Elected Senate Majority Leader.
Fun fact: first time the speaker of the house and senate majority leader (the leaders of each chamber) are from the same district.
Oct 31, 2012 HMRBEAR commented on Jay Inslee, Sportsfisher Approved.
Somebody in Inslee's camp must have just watched "Salmon Fishing In The Yemen"....
Oct 26, 2012 HMRBEAR commented on Mayor's Office Calls Police Drones "Helpful," But Supports an Ordinance Restricting Them.
Would someone explain what the difference betwwen a drone and say the police force's exising helecopter or airplane? Aside from the technical aspects, i.e. manned/unmanned and cost to operate and a few other "technical" type things, the philosophical and ethical issues are essentially the same aren't they? If one has no issues with a police helecopter why would one have issues with an unmanned drone?
Oct 17, 2012 HMRBEAR commented on McKenna Campaign Declares Seattle Times "Non-Journalists".
Mr. Postman is not dead...just working for Sam Reed...