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Nov 14, 2012 lavenderblue commented on Savage Love.
My (fairly new) husband is over 60 and his sex drive has crashed. He got out of a long, abusive marriage just before we got together, where sex was a hot and toxic currancy, and I think he is just relieved to have other kinds of intimacy---trust, caring, cuddling, playing---I value these things too of course and I have got to a place where I am okay with it, I love him just as he is. He will hold and fondle me while I use a vibrator, anytime I ask him to, and that is pleasant, but I don't very often--- it makes me miss fucking, and him having his own pleasure which has always been a big part of mine. So I generally prefer to masturbate on my own, which I do often. I like to look at porn of guys jerking off, but most of the sites are obviously for gays (and often there are videos running on the side of guys fucking and sucking,which doesn't do anything for me and is a distraction) I don't know why the fact that its for boys makes it less of a turn on; after all, the action is the same, but there it is. Can you recommend any sites that have guys jerking off for a female audience?
Thanks Dan, love your column.
Cold Bed in Canada

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Mar 21, 2010 lavenderblue joined My Stranger Face
Mar 21, 2010 lavenderblue commented on Savage Love.
well if something turns him on, DO IT, BE IT; my boyfriend has a total-stranger fantasy, I can be the best ever total stranger ooooh yeah, works better for me than a real one in his life, and i like it too, and he can get into my liking for a guy wearing all his clothes and a cold, hard belt-buckle when he gets into my naked bed; we are new lovers and both pushing 60---still drop-dead gorgeous too.