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Jun 14, 2013 nonotford commented on Texas Governor Rick Perry Calls for Legal Discrimination Against Atheists.
Awesome! I'm gonna start calling myself non-white too! Even though I enjoy white privilege, since it's granted based on how others perceive me, I can decide how I label myself, thank you very much! I feel a certain sense of satisfaction knowing that since I don't agree with the stereotypical racial attitudes of the garden variety white man, I don't have to be tarred (*ahem*) with such an unsought label. This removes me from any sense of guilt or responsibility stemming from white privilege, yet preserving it, which is awesome. I guess I can start using the N word now too!
Mar 26, 2013 nonotford commented on Low-Paid Sea-Tac Airport Contract Workers Form Union, Demand Negotiations.
it's also a safety issue. the shitty "compensation" and resulting high turnover, means very low-skilled workers are doing the safety checks, re-fueling planes, making sure the baggage hold is properly loaded and secured. if the jobs paid more, they would attract better, more dedicated workers.
but as with all public companies, the responsibility is solely to the shareholders. cutting costs is mandatory for execs, as doing otherwise would not maximize profits. so the airlines don't need to make any changes until their cost cutting results in a pr disaster large enough to affect revenues, for instance a preventable malfunction during flight.
this isn't about corporate solvency, or the ability to remain profitable. this is about maximizing profits at the expense of everything else, which the ayn rand fanatics view as a moral pursuit.
Mar 25, 2013 nonotford commented on PHISH? Did You Really Just Say Phish?.
I did, slim. FYI - socks and sandals can be a sensible choice.
Feb 5, 2013 nonotford commented on Primitive People Are More Violent than Civilized People.
as a participant in civilization, i'm ok in asking questions akin to "is all this really worth it". asking whether advanced civilized culture reduces overall violence is important. bc if it turned out that i was increasing the likelihood of my kids suffering a violent miserable death by living in a society with advanced tech and complicated laws, i'd strip naked and take them to kamchatka.
Jan 31, 2013 nonotford commented on Seattle Saves Hiphop, Again.
if the scope is confined to chart-topping tracks, then maybe i could agree with this thesis. maybe that's reasonable bc exposure matters for effect. i like the track a lot. but i have yet to listen to a rap album that doesn't have hilarious tracks or crack-up interludes throughout. i guess they just don't make it to the charts typically. so i'd say it's more about audience response than macklemore breaking any real ground.
Jan 9, 2013 nonotford commented on Stop the Coal Trains.
it's amazing that washington could sacrifice its 21st century sensibilities to facilitate 20th century interests, and the 20th century developing world infrastructure they perpetuate and feed from.
Aug 7, 2012 nonotford commented on The Only Thing that Can Save Capitalism: Modern Debt Jubilee.

your point would be worthwhile if Muede's article was scoped to debtors incapable of paying off their debts, like in the case of those qualifying for bankruptcy.

but the article is talking about lifting the financial burden of debt as a form of quantitative easing to average working people, and thereby injecting more consumer demand in the economy in the process.

your nasty post does not apply.
Aug 7, 2012 nonotford commented on The Only Thing that Can Save Capitalism: Modern Debt Jubilee.
awesome post. and a +1 for demand-side economics.
Jul 6, 2012 nonotford commented on Jay Inslee Is Not Trying to Inspire the Progressive Urban Vote.
another milque-toast dem that hilariously believes that he's "inoculating against conservative attacks that he'd be a tax-and-spend, drug-lovin' liberal". fucking magic thinking. he's already given up on the election.
Jan 4, 2012 nonotford commented on City Says Not to Drink the Water in Certain Parts of South Seattle.
shit, i'm right on the border, and have been chugging like a champ. anywhere in hillman city a brother can snag some small beers? maybe mel's...