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Nov 7, 2012 hamsterstyle commented on Jubilation in the Streets.

Some Pictures from the Cap Hill Party tonight.
Jul 27, 2010 hamsterstyle commented on Capitol Hill Block Party Photo Contest: The Finalists.
I couldn't see anything, I could barely move in the crowds. I'm glad I even got the shots that I got out of it.

The camera policy was kind of weird. Granted they never stopped or said a word to me about my camera the entire time (Canon 7d).

@17, Honestly there are some amazing point and shoot cameras out there, so not having a fancy DSLR doesn't make that big of a difference. Hell photo #1, although it was taken with DSLR, could have been shot with a camera phone(I don't mean that in a negative way). It's not the camera that took that picture, it's the photographer.
Jul 24, 2010 hamsterstyle commented on Take Pictures at the Capitol Hill Block Party and You Could Win Tickets to Bumbershoot!.
I wondered why there were so few SLR cameras there. They never said a word about mine, and I saw a few other people walking around with some. Hell I stood right next to security guards with my camera. wtf?
Jul 24, 2010 hamsterstyle joined My Stranger Face
Mar 25, 2010 hamsterstyle commented on Scott Pilgrim Trailer Brings the Sound Effects.
Hot Fuzz is awesome! If anything is wrong with it, it's that it's about 10 minutes to long. But it's still awesome.