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Mar 26, 2010 kai c reviewed El Corazón.
This is Kai with "Screams Of Angels" and i highly recommend that you stay away from this venue.

We were 3rd in lineup for the Hammerfall show 3-24-2010, line up in order were as follows:

1 ~ Sword Of Judgment
2 ~ Helles
3 Screams Of Angels
4 ~ Powerglove
5 ~ Hammerfall

They had us "Pay-to-Play" here and had us sell 100 tickets.

Before they would let us play, (10 minutes before opening the doors) they told us we come up with all the monies or we do not play, this is after we had set up all our stuff already. (We were waiting for the rest of the monies to show up and did in just two minutes after that).

We were told that we would get a 45 minute set for selling these tickets, after we got there, they told us that we only had 20 minutes to play and our vocalist told him that the owner of the club told us 45 for selling the tickets and he said "that's out of my hands" and he (employee) went back inside and came back out and said we had 30 minutes instead. . .

The person taking the monies from our vocalist was very rude to him as well when dealing with the monies issue... i won't get into details... she must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed?

We finally got on stage, set up and started playing our 30 minute set (without the opening which gave us a few minutes more)and about 20 minutes into our set, the guy at the sound board stops us and says "I have to stop you guys right there, that's 30 minutes already".... we only played for maybe 20? We had two songs left to our 30 minute set (we timed it a few times during practices to make sure of our 30 minute and 45 minute sets).

For my part, i was nice to everyone i came in contact with though i did not receive the same from most of the employees, one in particular i did and i appreciated that.

As far as I'm concerned, the amount of people who were there was estimated around the same if not more people for the "Metal Shop" show we did there months before and that head count was about 175 so I'm guessing that there may have been around 200 plus or minus a few heads so we sold about 1/3 to 1/2 half of the show and to be treated like that, I believe we deserve an apology from the staff and owner of El Corazone.

This group of people acted very unjustly and did not hold up to what had been said by the owner of this establishment.

Kai Chinn
Screams Of Angels