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Feb 1 monkeylover commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
I love you, Dan! You're absolutely right.
Dec 20, 2016 monkeylover commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Cutting Hair & Cutting Breaks.
"kinkmuggle." Ha!
Jul 27, 2015 monkeylover commented on So I Watched Rachel Maddow's Interview With Rick Santorum.
Googled and clicked, Mr. Savage! Got my kid to do it too. : )
Jan 31, 2014 monkeylover commented on Reading Through the "Savage Love" Mail.
That is so sweet. BTW, my parents are 78 and 82 and they still "do it." (No little blue pills, either!) I have hope for the future!
Dec 20, 2013 monkeylover commented on Put the Little Altar Boy Down, Andy, And Back Slowly Away From the Little Altar Boy.
Creepy. Mother f'ing creepy. I know I'm not adding anything to the conversation, but I had to express this or my head would explode. Earlier, I had thanked Dan for a post. I totally take it back!
Dec 20, 2013 monkeylover commented on Shirtless, Lip Dubbin' Frat Boys Succeed At Make Snow Angels, Fail At Slow-Motion Twerking.
Ooooh, pretty college boys. Thank you, Dan!!!
Dec 8, 2013 monkeylover commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
Also, thank you, Dan Savage, for making me lose two hours of my life reading about Christian fundamentalist homeschooling. :D
Dec 8, 2013 monkeylover commented on The Homeschool Apostates.
I've been a teacher for going on five years now, and I've had to make that call to Child Protective Services AT LEAST once every year that I've been teaching. For those of you who say that teachers are just too busy to notice or care, I must say that not all of us are. I care deeply about my students. I connect with them. They trust me. They tell me their secrets. (The good and the bad - I know who Jennie has a crush on!) I take offense at teachers being painted with the broad brush of apathy. It's not just me, either. If you go into the staff room at my school and listen to the conversations, over half of the time they are about students. Yes, there are bad teachers out there, but for the most part, we do this because we love it. (We certainly don't do it because of the AWESOME respect and salary!)
Apr 7, 2013 monkeylover commented on Light Slogging From Me Today.
OMG! The arms! The arms! That is sooooo hot!
Mar 9, 2013 monkeylover commented on Openly Gay Marines In Love.
Too cute! "MY favorite gay marine."