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This is a very interesting, instigatory, and satirical article. It's also productive, and thank you for that!

A lot of popular dog breeds were intended for hunting, tracking, killing vermin, or guarding. They were bred to be tools and in the city are treated like family. A non-dog person shouldn't be expected to anticipate their actions, but should have easy information about how to handle them.

Leash Law: If you're uncomfortable with dogs off leash, avoid areas where that takes place. If offleash is happening where it isn't allowed and it poses a problem for you, contact the authority in charge of that area and tell them.

Body Language: Dogs often respond to motion-
i.e., whizzy, exuberant, high speed. Joggers, cyclists and skateboarders need to be aware of that, especially if you're noisy or if you're on a sidewalk and a dog-walker has nowhere else to go.

Dogs aren't mind readers, but they ARE body readers. If you appear hostile or threatened, your posture will show it. Be cool. You also smell different when you're stressed out.