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Sep 10, 2015 Slam1263 commented on Voices From the Picket Lines: Maple Elementary School.
A filthy bunch of illegal strikers.
What role models.
Sep 10, 2015 Slam1263 commented on Blame the Billionaires, Not the Teachers.
Seattle teachers suck as bad as the school district does.
On a scale of 1-100, they only come in at 56 for math, and 50 for reading.
Kids will learn more reading ads in the local paper.
Sep 10, 2015 Slam1263 commented on I, Anonymous.
Mmmm, pit hair and Tattoos!

I hope she is single!
Sep 10, 2015 Slam1263 commented on How Can Washington Properly Fund Its Schools? Do What New Jersey Did..
Each school child should get a voucher for the $24,000 ($11,000 State, and $13,000 Federal) that is paid to each district, and the kid can go where ever the parents send them.

Not too many private schools will turn down $24K.
Sep 2, 2015 Slam1263 commented on The "New Normal" in Washington State.
So they have been punish by 40 years of Democrat malfeasance because they voted for the wrong party?
Man, no wonder so many States have tossed the Democrats out.
Sep 2, 2015 Slam1263 commented on The "New Normal" in Washington State.
The State has reduced grazing, haven't they.
EVERYTHING is burning.
Sep 1, 2015 Slam1263 commented on The "New Normal" in Washington State.
If you don't maintain your property, bad thing can happen.
Worse, bad things can happen to your neighbor's property, because of your inaction.
This State refused to maintain their property, and bad things happened.
Just look around our State Parks, and ask yourself, is this as nice as it was 20 years ago?
Forest fires don't happen overnight, it takes decades for enough fuel to build up.
So, because our State doesn't take care of it's stuff, 3 firemen have died in an auto accident, others were burned, billions of board feet of timber that could have been sold to pay for school funding, people lost homes and memories, and Governor Milk-Carton gives a speech about carbon dioxide before he jets off, literally, spewing tons of CO2.
Climate changes, our world is dynamic, politics don't. They will always prefer to give a speech over action.
Ask your Rep to support healthy forests.
Sep 1, 2015 Slam1263 commented on I, Anonymous.
Maybe she stays with him because he doesn't complain about her smoking?

I won't step into anybody else's relationship, because everybody else is exempted from mine.
Aug 30, 2015 Slam1263 commented on Why the Restaurant Industry Hates Postmates.
I already mentioned the whiners.
As for being middle aged, we worked to get were we are, or at least, I did.

After having to listen to the Children from the Age of Entitlement whine about having to put some effort into this Game called Life, I really don't care.
When I cleaned toilets, I was the best damned toilet cleaner on my crew. It got me noticed, and advanced. But that is what I did with every single one of the dozens of jobs I had, being the best employee was the way to get ahead.

If a restaurant can't pay it's workers $15, they should close their doors. If you don't like what you are being paid, ask for more. If the boss says no, walk on them.
Quit being passive/aggressive cowards.
Aug 26, 2015 Slam1263 commented on Why the Restaurant Industry Hates Postmates.
I have cleaned my share of toilets, and have had at least two menial jobs in my life, just make sure you pumice off the black ring, and always leave the seats up to dry.
$10 bucks an hour!! You must be an absolute loser, I pay my janitor far more than that to clean my companies thrones.
At home, I do them MYSELF, because I can clean all three baths, in far less than an hour.
I've had lots of practice. Having put myself through college cleaning things, that was valuable skills when I entered the Marine Corps, and after I left, my spouses liked that I would clean things. (Here's your tip Sparky, women like a Guy that will clean things, if you know what I mean.)
I guess you missed the part about whiners, I sad they were "the most sniveling twunts in existence".