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May 6, 2010 Captain Awesome commented on Cultural Relativism Makes Me Uncomfortable!.
Hooray on the penultimate paragraph (so much hooray, you get alliteration)! God, I need to communicate this concept to too many of the people in my life who delude themselves that being irresponsible somehow equates to liberation from the oppressive mores of our society.

On topic: babies are a conundrum. Many look like wee Winston Churchills; some are super cute; all are messy. I suppose at some point I will be involved in raising (and hopefully making) one.

Apr 1, 2010 Captain Awesome joined My Stranger Face
Apr 1, 2010 Captain Awesome commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
I love my dog and my cat. I also like my concealed .40 that I bring on rides now (out of state here). I hope I never ever feel the need to use it, but after being chased by three loose Rotts one day, I carry the pistol. I love animals and get along just fine with almost every dog I've met, but if it comes down to me (or a loved one) versus someone's dog, the dog goes, end of story.

I respect and get the feelings of people defending their breeds- there are misunderstandings and half-truths out there. However, that has nothing to do with the utility of knowing how to defend yourself from canine threats.

Good article. I would add ways to identify threats and the importance of being aware of your surroundings. I avoid certain problem areas with dogs. Sure, I may be in the right to be there, and the dogs shouldn't be loose and aggressive, but avoidance is a lot better than knowingly putting myself in danger and having to kill a dog.

Speaking of, time to ride. Happy Thursday. :)