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Apr 1, 2010 Team Pit-a-Full commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
First of All...
ANYONE who sites or quotes Colleen Lynn of is a total idiot. Her website is 110% pure propaganda and slanted information. The woman was bitten by a pit bull years ago. GET OVER IT... In the course of rehab'ing and training the fight out of these abused and neglected dogs, I been bitten over a dozen times and I still believe they are the greatest breed known to man.

DO NOT MISCONSTUE an abused and neglected, over bred, ameciated, and fought for profit animal for one this is vicious. Sure, any animal enduring such horror should not be out in public until completely rehab'ed and trained and all of its medical needs are taken care of.
THAT is what some of us spend a life time doing while the rest of society shoves its head in the sand and chokes on EVERYTHING the government and media shoves down their throat.

One of the very most convenient things the government and media and loose cannons (Like Colleen Lynn) forget to mention is... the pit bulls who attack and end up on the 11'0'clock news make up less than 5% of the over all population. They also convenienty fail to mention all the good things and positive experiences people and other dogs have had with pit bulls.

Since they choose to conveniently omit this information... I WILL share it:…

Until complete crazed losers like Colleen Lynn or Kory Nelson (Denver, CO) or KingHuman (Youtube) are ready to step up to a "PUBLIC" debate on the issue of Pit Bulls... I have nothing to say but "Go Back to 1949 McCarthyism where you belong. There is no place in the new milenium for your or your witch hunt."

Chef David Edelstein and Team Pit-a-Full
Orange, CA