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Jun 3 restlessnative commented on SPD Says Naloxone Price Spikes Won't Affect Their Life-Saving Pilot Program.
These high prices are a specific kit with pre-filled syringes and attached atomizers for nasal administration that is FDA approved for poorly trained first responders. If the user can be taught to draw up naloxone from a vial and switch to an appropriate needle for injection or a nasal atomizer then the price falls sharply to commodity generic drug pricing.

Anybody in the area that thinks that they might have to respond to an opiate overdose (uses opiates or has friends/family who do) can easily get a naloxone kit from and training several sources in Seattle. Users should also know they are protected from prosecution and can't get in trouble if they call 911 to get somebody who has overdosed help.
May 27 restlessnative commented on The Morning News: Police Shoot Pit Bull, Tyrone Beason on Seattle's Fading Black Community.
Seattle's parking boots are ridiculously easy to remove without destroying them provided you've got an inexpensive set of tamper-resistant screw driver bits.
Mar 21 restlessnative commented on Republicans Too Dysfunctional to Pass Terrible Budget.
I'm sure all members of congress are using the recess to go on junkets with lobbyists. They couldn't possibly be spending any time in their districts or meeting with their constituents.
Mar 8 restlessnative commented on State Fines Alaska Airlines For Failing to Keep Baggage Handlers Safe.
For some reason my link didn't post. In 2005 Alaska fired it's baggage handlers and outsourced their jobs to Menzies.
Mar 8 restlessnative commented on State Fines Alaska Airlines For Failing to Keep Baggage Handlers Safe.
The article failed to mention that in 2005 Alaska
Mar 3 restlessnative commented on Family Says Che Taylor Was Shot Six Times on the Left Side of His Body.
I'm pretty sure that Che Taylor poisoned the well by being a violent career criminal well before these particular cops ever became involved. The officer's conduct matters but you'll have a hard time convincing me that Taylor's reaction wasn't informed by his history.
Feb 29 restlessnative commented on Oh Look, There's an Ad in Today's New York Times About What a Bad, Bad Man Dan Savage Is.
Nothing helps sales like being banned in Boston.
Feb 29 restlessnative commented on Andre Taylor Wants the Seattle Police Who Killed His Brother to be Fired and Prosecuted.
It's possible that there was police misconduct in this case but it doesn't seem likely. It sucks having one's one's brother shot by police but habitually violent criminals are not sympathetic figures. Perhaps Seattle's activist community would be better served by being a bit more strategic about picking their fights.
Jan 13 restlessnative commented on Will Chief O'Toole Fire Seattle Police Officer Adley Shepherd?.
I'm probably more inclined than the average Stranger reader to give SPD officers reasonable due process before firing them. Six months is reasonable, eighteen months is starting to become absurd.