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QUOTING dogsbite? U R KIDDING ME? This is a BSL Lobby group and tells me the writer knows NOTHING and has "bitten" into their agenda and has NOT done HIS homework or he would KNOW about their agenda.

This small group of fanatics is the modern day "KKK" (Kooky Kanine Klan).…

There are already 4 different breeds deemed to be "pit bulls" and if one adds another 32 different breeds COMMONLY misidentifed and THEIR Mixes it amounts to nothing more than Canine Genocide.

The average "pit bull" type dog is 45 to 65 lbs how BIG and STRONG can that be? The only professional tests done on bite force put a German Sheppard, a Rotiweiler and a Pit Bull together, after TWO tries the "pit" came in 3rd BOTH times.

Time for the media to get informed before they put pen to paper and do PROPER research BEFORE doing so.…