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Apr 2, 2010 lghtnin777 joined My Stranger Face
Apr 2, 2010 lghtnin777 commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
The Stranger has hit a new low. You have NO idea about pit bulls except what some BSL agency told you to write. I help rescue pits that have been hung on trees to encourage violence, left on chains all day and night and those who are bred over and over for some sick person to make some money selling pups that will end up tortured or abused. You might want to hook up with Michael Vick and learn the way he tortured and abused his animals...bet you writers love to read his descriptions of torture and death methods.
Its all about a buck to sell to advertisers...sick people you are, writers. Maybe you should change it to gun-tottin Starbuck drinkers...you are just another idiotic trash magazine trying to sell to your advertisers. I hope your 'newspaper' goes down in flames. Right after my pittie chews the crap out of it!