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i make music with the five finger discount, coffee in ballard, and friends in this… more »

juliamasseymusic booked bend, or!
Jun 3, 2013 juliamasseymusic commented on I'm Not Qualified to Rate Tags, Ever....
I really love shitbarf too! I have a photo album of them on my band's facebook page! People text me when they find 'em!!
Aug 3, 2011 juliamasseymusic reviewed Black Lodge.
We're all guilty of it, but after reading through this string of desperate pleas to get the address of The Black Lodge out there, I have to wonder, what you might do if you were having a house party and everyone in Seattle, no, scratch that, a handful of butt-hurt, annoyed people weren't invited and took it upon themselves to tell as many people as they could about it? You just might be pissed off.

The Lodge is essentially that. Folks living in a space that they open up to friends of theirs to play music. It's just about as illegal as having underage kids at your house party.

I hope, for your blood-pressure's sake, that you can let this go, folks.

Apr 4, 2010 juliamasseymusic booked bend, or!
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I am playing a set with Three Ninjas next month because of his healing powers.