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Apr 3, 2010 tgunz420 commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
wow i have 2 start over first the real APBT's rank 3 in smarts and do ur math research whatever dere is plenty of dogs lets see 4 1 germain shepard that will bit u way b4 i APBT yes they was bred 2 fight DOGS and any APBT that wuld even think of biting dere handler would be killed and taking out of breeding stock thats why they r so eager 2 please humans 2day im so sick and tired of the bully breed mutts or just resemble giving all this hasstle 2 the tru APBT's i breed hell YES i breed purebred american pit bull terriers and american bullies my dogs will let the kids jump kick punch poke stab do anything they want 2 them and never even think about biting them..u break in my house well diff story ok back 2 this remember the rotties the dobbies all them other breeds that went thru this same shyt get over it let the APBT's free now when i say APBT im talking purebred look it up if u dont know whut that stands 4..lmao now a pit bull could be any mongral that resembles the breed or a mix of a bully breed why does the APBT get all the heat god wish i culd of sent me last comment better yet get a life str8 up do ur freakin research and see were APBT's rank in smarts and the chart of dogs that bite u might be suprised 1 the APBT last i seen was the 3rd smartest breed out of all dogs ill keep the biting one a secret ill give u a clue a germain shepard will bite b4 a APBT and a bunch of litte dogs LOOK IT UP!!!
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Apr 3, 2010 tgunz420 commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
this is oooh i wanna curse retarded if you was in the real world for one you would know american pit bull terrier yes was bred 2 fight other DOGS and the ones that would even think about biting the handler were takin out of the breeding stock usually killed APBT's do and will not just attack someone i breed HELL YES i breed purebred american pit bull terriers and any of the kids can kick punch slam grab they would never ever ever even think about biting now if u come in the house sorry for your bad luck and most of these so called pit bull attacks ive seen 100's of pictures they aint even APBT's @ all the are some bully breed mutts that resemble why put the blame on the real entire breed remember the rottie's dobbies we have went thru this with all these breeds get a life and leave the tru APBT's alone and plus nowuhdays with the american bullies even the gameness is being bred out of them were they dont even wanna catch lizards etc no more grow up and quit blamming the purebreds!!!!!!!!