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4.7 million people a year are bitten by dogs in the United States. 800,000 of these seek medical attention (half are children). Of those that require medical care, 386,000 require emergency care and 16 die of their injuries.

A summary of U.S. dogbite deaths from 1979-1998 found 76 of 284 deaths were attributed to pitbulls (the breed most frequently associated with deaths; other large breeds rounded out the top five, rottweiler, german shepherd, husky, malamute). JAVMA,217,6, Sept 15 2000.

Large dogs cause large injuries. Dogbite injuries are a true public health issue, large enough for the CDC to devote multiple resources. To argue discrimination or politics misses the point.

I've sewn up hundreds of dogbite victims as an emergency room physician, and by far the worst are pitbull bites. They just have powerful jaws. That simple. The injuries are real, not small; big flaps, lots of blood, pain and usually a hundred or more puncture wounds when a pitbull is involved. Kids are traumatized, scarred and afraid. Adults too.

If you get twisted about this issue and attack the writer you have never had to stand down an attacking dog or sew up a sobbing kid. What I mean to say is that you are naive.

Btw, great tip jumping up on a car.
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Lots of comments about the unlikely chances of being killed. Very likely to be mauled. Work in any urban ER, spend three hours irrigating and sewing hundreds of puncture wounds and a dozen flaps, do it again a week later, then again on a kid, then come talk about how this whole concept is overblown.