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mikethehammer is high on life! (and alcohol.).
Jul 27 mikethehammer commented on Should I Vote for Hillary Clinton? A Flow Chart.
I'm with her. Though I'm also with @5 and at a loss as to how to discern flow from this. Kinda reads more like a spreadsheet.
Feb 25 mikethehammer commented on Liveslogging the Last Republican Debate Before Super Tuesday.
So much fun. They need to have jerry springer or maury povich approved as a moderator for the next one of these.
Feb 20 mikethehammer commented on Jeb! Bush Drops Out.
And if I'm Carson, Kasich or any of those other dim-witted shitheads I jump at the chance to get out now so as to disperse and share the late night monologue fodder and mocking amongst as many of us as possible.
Feb 20 mikethehammer commented on Jeb! Bush Drops Out.
Holy shit, that's big. My dreams of seeing our friend create the Gay Dude for Bush slog profile are crushed.
Feb 19 mikethehammer commented on Umberto Eco Is Dead.
Can somebody kill the freaking autoplay on Sean's comment disabled kesha post?
Feb 19 mikethehammer commented on Hey, There's a CNN Town Hall on with Donald Trump, Jeb! Bush, and Some Other Guy—Let's Watch Together.
This the first I've heard of a potential indictment. So I googled "Hillary indictment" and the top hit is a 17 year old piece talking about our ol' pal Ken Starr. The top current result was from a "conservative report" site, which I've gotta figure is gonna be somewhat biased, followed by one from the similarly slanted daily caller. I didn't bother looking beyond that and don't think Hillary's supporters are sweating this, though I could be wrong.

Kasich may be coming into this momentum too late, though I can't imagine he won't land on the ticket, if only as VP, which is scary in that it brings them Ohio. I really think dems are gonna need a VP from a swing state to offset that.
Feb 17 mikethehammer commented on Frank Bruni and the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Trump.
Though she's still listed on the masthead as photographer so...
Feb 17 mikethehammer commented on Frank Bruni and the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Trump.
Just saw a post from Goldy's Estranger facebook page welcoming Kelly O to the ranks.
Feb 16 mikethehammer commented on Rachel Maddow Walks Us Through the Constitutional Crisis the Republicans Risk Creating.
Are you suggesting we could be on the brink of a 60 year reign of tyrannical islamo-socialist homosexual dictatorship run via Barack through a Kenyan puppet master overlord? I'm salivating.
Feb 15 mikethehammer commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: Blumkins Is Where You Draw the Line?.
(haha, in rereading my comment, I think it could use some rewording. I'd think we'd be preternaturally inclined to not becoming sexually aroused while pooping anywhos.)