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mikethehammer is high on life! (and alcohol.).
3:10 PM yesterday mikethehammer commented on We Are Condemned to Live With Guns.

Enjoy it how? Abiding by the murder of countless innocent people? Going and taking target practice and shooting stuff? I guess that's the part (or at least one of them) that I don't understand. I grew up in a rural Pennsylvanian town and went out shooting in a quarry once or twice and it was... I don't know, sort of "fun" I guess? It was an exercise in... something? I mean, it wasn't completely unenjoyable and probably more entertaining than watching a crappy soap opera or something. But it paled in comparison to any of those other activities or hobbies I've enjoyed throughout my life, be it leisurely bicycle riding, card playing, film watching, mountain bike riding, softball, pornography viewing, hiking, reading, TV watching and hundreds of others.

I mean, I know this is a ridiculous comment because To Each His or Her Own, a phrase I embrace wholeheartedly, but I just can't possibly conceive of an activity with a larger gulf between the enjoyment derived from it's responsible participants and enthusiasts and the cost inflicted as a result of their continued right to enjoy engaging in and practicing it.
Oct 1 mikethehammer commented on Mass Shooting at Umpqua Community College: 10 Dead and 20 Injured.
News out of Oregon should be that of today's being the first day of legalized weed sales to the non-medical public down here. How awful.
Oct 1 mikethehammer commented on It's Not Just Marriage and the White House: Sex Is For Christians Only Too!.
Pretty bummed seattleblues announced his formal retirement from posting. He represented the unhinged, paranoid demographic quite well.
Sep 29 mikethehammer commented on Overheard in the Office.
Maybe disregard that sage advice as I just searched YouTube and didn't find the relatively lighthearted and funny videos I was seeking from earlier. Over the top and crazy, ridiculous crap abounds. Gah.
Sep 29 mikethehammer commented on Overheard in the Office.
There's a kind of funny youtube hidden camera prank wormhole I got caught in the other night. Search "killer clown prank" or something along those lines and there's a series of videos in which a pretty impressively creepy looking clown happens upon people in parks or empty parking garages or wherever and freaks them out. One in which he walks up to a guy at a gas station and just starts dumping liquid from a gasoline canister in a circle around the guy's car. Some of them are actually quite mean.
Sep 29 mikethehammer commented on How Did Trevor Noah Do?.
And it's frustrating too, because if they wanted to claim that he (stewart) had a disproportionate impact based on actual viewership, they probably could have made a perfectly legitimate case. But 1%? They're just sabotaging whatever credibility it is they might otherwise have. Idiots.
Sep 29 mikethehammer commented on How Did Trevor Noah Do?.

That was my thought too. That's freaking absurd. Maybe they were using an international figure, which I guess would likely be accurate, albeit comically misleading.
Sep 24 mikethehammer commented on Bears v. Seahawks Sunday!.

Count me amongst the skeptical that @4 is, indeed the Seahawks of whom he speaks. You'll notice he speaks of these Seahawks in the third person, thereby lending suspicion to the assertion (actually I guess he speaks of them as an adverb. Which further muddies the water.)
Sep 21 mikethehammer commented on Sunday Night at the Movies.
*available up in Kent I mean, obviously and of course.
Sep 20 mikethehammer commented on Sunday Night at the Movies.
That john bailo might be weird (& dumb) but I always get a kick out of his comments. I'll try to check out that Shelter movie. Alone. And with some potato chips (try yourself some Jackson's Honest brand heirloom style chips if they're available up in Seattle. Recommended.)

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