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Sep 28, 2012 adorablecomic commented on "I Do Not Have the Money to Pay For This!".
I love Mr. Harriman's story.

I have had heart issues that create stroke like experiences, herniated discs, violent food poisoning and of course the bulk of these happen on a Sunday night when you know it's going to cost extra, because everything is filtered through the ER.

How are you supposed to get better if you're rocking back and forth in the bed trying to figure out what's going to cost more going to the doctor (even with health insurance, you're still screwed) or the days off work that you'll need to get better?

When my back went out I was working from home (luckily) for a month and it cost me over $1,000 because they saw that I was in pain so instead of sitting in the waiting room they "upgraded me" to the ER... I don't see how a herniated disc warrants the ER, but my wallet definitely saw the aftermath. They recommended I go to a physical therapist I thought it was odd that some sessions cost more than others and that payment was NEVER discussed... just the fact that I hadn't paid.

Stress kills and they provide us with a great deal... which must be good for business.
May 25, 2011 adorablecomic commented on Dear Concessions Workers: Please Use A Lighter Touch with the Up-Selling.
I've worked at a movie theater... while working two other jobs in college!
I'm sorry but when a manager who has a HUGE list of goals from corporate, holds countless sales meetings about the "values" of upselling and gives the delightful stink eye across the lobby that a clerk making a minimal wage isn't going to ask your bubbling bag of love butter for an extra 25 cents?

Let's be totally and completely honest here MISSY, when you allow your daughter to purchase disgustingly popped buttery popcorn with butter from yesterday, YES YESTERDAY, and soda that's full of carbonated crud...whose REALLY being the good parent now?!

Why don't you use your efforts to fight a bigger battle or do you have enough sports watches already?

Jul 8, 2010 adorablecomic commented on The Burlesque Shoah.
As a former Burlesque host I'd like to add that it's not necessarily the hosts responsibility to get the next act on and off stage on time its really the stage director or producer who should be policing this. As a host our job is to entertain between acts and stall if one of the gals is taking a bit to long which can be troublesome when you host the same event/venue week after week and are tailoring your act to regulars who have seen your routine countless amount of times a desire to stay fresh when mishaps happen is always a hard place to be in.
Apr 5, 2010 adorablecomic commented on A Lesbian Walks Into a Comedy Club....
@35 guess what... when you leave and you're outside of the door it doesn't matter anymore you've made your point.

Apr 5, 2010 adorablecomic commented on A Lesbian Walks Into a Comedy Club....
Have we ever thought of the idea that if you don't like the comic you can walk out? It's a clear indicator to the club owner (probably won't book that guy again) and a clear indicator to the comic as well. It's a much stronger and much more adult way of doing thing than suing and dosing the comic with your beverage.
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Apr 5, 2010 adorablecomic commented on A Lesbian Walks Into a Comedy Club....
As a comic, I feel for this guy. First and foremost DON"T HECKLE. When you heckle that's like me coming up to your cubicle and taking the pen out or keyboard out of your hand... I'd be prepared for you to make some noise, so be prepared for me to do something to you when you derail my set. Secondly how dare you dose the comic with water and expect him not to retaliate? Also though as a comic you should be able to keep your cool a little, however I'm appauled that anyone would think they could sue over this.

Comics don't have money where does this gold-digging-obnoxious-over coddled-pathetic-Maple-leaf-ho think she's going to get for her precious stand?