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Oct 14, 2010 echoshmecho commented on Savage Love.
seriously...can we make a TShirt that says "Magic Sky Friend Jesus" and sell it to benefit The Trevor Project?

genius phrase.

Thanks Dan!!!
Aug 18, 2010 echoshmecho commented on I, Anonymous.
i smell a 4 way
Apr 8, 2010 echoshmecho commented on How to Defeat Someone Made Furious by "How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands".
While I was one of the folks who negatively commented on the pit-bull article, I am laughing reading this.

You bring up a good point about the purpose of the article being how to defend yourself DURING a dog attack, but why single out one breed? Yes, pit-bull attacks get more PRESS, but they're not the only dogs that attack (statistically cocker spaniels bite more frequently - and mostly children).

And for that matter, if you have the power of the press, how about going further and writing an article on how not to be a shithead dog owner who raises an angry animal AND what to do if you encounter one?

Your follow-up may be funny, but the original article is still predictably biased.
Apr 7, 2010 echoshmecho joined My Stranger Face
Apr 7, 2010 echoshmecho commented on How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands.
this article is disgusting...are you advocating this as a sport? is this supposed to be funny?

the real problem with pit bulls, and the reason attacks are on the rise is:

1 - people pay more attention to their attacks...golden retriever attacks don't make the 11 o'clock news.

2 - the "thug life" motherfuckers who own them don't know how to handle the animal they got. let's have an article on how to strangle one of them for bad pet rearing.