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Hahaha Suzy you are a MORAL stupid bitch! And a judgmental one at that. I hope its your husband that I have been fucking all these years. He is awesome!!! I have enjoyed him a LOT
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hmmmmm, the stats I have always heard regarding the V vs tubals was 1% failure rate for V's vs. a 0.1% rate for tubals. But frankly, I am too lazy to look it up for sources. Eh, its been working for me. Perhaps one of the really serious debaters here is less lazy then me, or one of the sex-educators has a reference on hand.

And my quote on the horrible pain/lessened sensation was taken from a completely non-scientific source: one dude, lol! So yeah. But hearing the story scarred me a little, perhaps his procedure was even botched somehow? I dunno, merely anecdotal. But since it was such an intense anecdote, I doubt I will be forgetting it anytime soon ;).
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Mr. J...yeah, I knew a guy who told me he literally threw up after his first post-V orgasm. I was assuming you were like him. Glad to hear your experience was more pleasant, lol! But thank you for clearing up the confusion, and thanks for keeping an open mind. I know in my youth, I was certainly one of the ones who thought "cheaters bad"...so I don't judge too harshly. Its something that is hard to understand until you have been through it. And not fun to go through certainly...so maybe your life is better the way it is now, you never know. Its a rollercoaster ride, that is for sure!
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I dunno, I bought mine and I love them, and the guys seem to as well ;). BUT!!! I think it all depends on how you are built. I am a tall girl, and just never seemed to fill out as I should have as I went through puberty, so I think I was just correcting what mother nature should have given me in the first place to balance out my frame.

I think it looks ridiculous when a tiny, petite gal walks around with size F's ala Heidi Montag.
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wendy: ITA about having the guy explode inside you! Freakin HAWT! And such a sense of accomplishment ;). While facials and their ilk are fun for variety, I prefer the inside explosion and its feeling of "I did it for him" that comes (pardon the pun) along with it. Its just not the same intensity when he jacks it on you.

I have heard other men say that about the snip: orgasms immediately after were horrifically painful (but it went away). I even had one guy tell me it lessened the intensity a bit.

Well, *ahem*, that is just one of the reasons I volunteered to be the one to have it done. And I LOVE it!!! Tubals rock, and more statistically effective then the V.

And as far as the all cheaters being liars (of course I would have something to say about this!)? Well, of course cheating neccessitates some lying, but for some of us, that is actually the worst part of it. I know some people prefer to view the world in black and white; ohhhh....cheater.....evil!!!!!! So therefore, someone who cheats must be a dirty rotten habitual liar at all times in their lives. But for those who might have evolved past this level of thinking, and realized the world holds shades of grey, or perhaps even various colors...its not always like that. In fact, I know two cheaters who are pretty honest people most of the time *grin*, and I know of some pretty habitual liars I am pretty sure are faithful (although who knows? I am not with them 24/7).
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@391...See, WHY would a woman choose to make a baby with a man like this? Yes, I realize that it takes two. But, again, *hopefully* we are being grown-ups like you said, and using protection until we are ready to make a baby. But let's say, something goes amiss, or we forgot, or just something in the works is messed up, and conception happens accidently. When the going to be father reveals his complete horror and unwillingness at the thought...here is where I think the man needs some opt out choice. The woman THEN should be able to decide...do I choose abortion, the morning after pill (if its not too late), etc, OR do I decide to do this on my own, KNOWING the sperm donor does not want to be involved? And in the instance that you mentioned, where the guy was a total dick (why am I fucking him again?????), gee, I would be RUNNING to the local clinic. Again...old fashioned here...I want to bring kids into this world with a supportive and loving, and more importantly, willing daddy.

I think Black Rose mentioned this should be a small window, and ITA. I realize the logistics make this super hard, I am just coming from an ethical standpoint here. For the douchebags who initially claim that they will stand by their woman and baby, and THEN decide when the going gets rough several days/weeks/months/years down the line? Yeah, throw the books at those guys and take them for all they are worth, but I do think that post-conception opt out should be there for men as well as women.
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avast and dameeda *clap clap clap*

@271: I think its *immoral* to gestate to term a baby when the sperm donor does NOT want to be a father....and I am a woman!

As avast pointed out, there are a lot of options, both pre- and post- conception. If you want to make a baby, find a man who wants to be a father. If you cannot, and still want to do it, be prepared to do it on your own.

But hey, call me old fashioned, I think people should be prepared and able to provide for children before they bring them into this world, because YES there are options for accidental pregnancies. But I am sure I am going to get a lot of shit for this *totally* unreasonable viewpoint, LOL!
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kim: that is interesting information, and I certainly was not aware of it. I am definitely in agreement with you about the confusion of a man who is unwilling to revoke paternity and then refusing to pay child support. You cannot have it both way folks.

And yep...the fertilization of an egg does have consequences; but women have choices after the fact. It would just be nice for men to as well. I do wish there were some more reliable b/c for men, other then just condoms.
May 9, 2011 badgirl commented on Savage Love.
"The problem with this is that, if the woman decides to carry the pregnancy to term, there will be a third party here: the child. Whatever the father chooses to do, the child has rights also, including a right to support from both of her parents"

We are having a TON of hypocracy on this thread here....a TON. Are the womyn's rights supporters here even noticing this? And please believe me when I do state that I AM a feminist! I just think that for some people here, the tide has turned in the other direction, towards female supremecy.

Look...we have people here beyond pissed at the very notion that this woman owes the potential baby daddy the right of knowing she has aborted (Its HER body, he doesn't have the right to know *anything* that goes on in her body!)....but then, when it comes out....want to smack this poor sucker for 18 years of child support for his pump and dump. Can't you see how convulted this way of thinking this is? Its 100% hers until it pops out, and then he owes for 50%, and he has ZERO say in the matter! Somehow this strikes me as unfair.....

I would say that *hopefully* the decision to bring a child into the world is a joint one. I realize this is not a perfect world however, and if you are not going to share this decision, then you need to accept the responsibility for raising it. Being a sperm donor does not = being a daddy. Saying "he needs to be careful where he puts his sperm" is every bit equivalent to "well, she just needs to be more careful about spreading her legs", and I can see reproductive freedoms being stripped with THAT line of thinking!!! If you can NOT handle the burden of raising the child on your own, perhaps you need to make a baby with someone who WILL support you.
May 9, 2011 badgirl commented on Savage Love.
332: you are never going to hear me advocating AGAINST condoms use. However, we know they fail. We know sometimes pregnancies result. We also know they sometimes don't get used even when they should.

The woman can opt out after the fact, in several different ways. Which I think is good! I just think a man should have a way as well; he could fuck his life up from one ill-advised sexual encounter, and has no such recourse as abortion or adoption like the woman has, its SOLEY in her control.

@331: Your analogy is not quite correct, because, if you have a vagina, you have these last minute, emergency methods that can get you out of this scrape, its 100% your choice. If you have a cock you are completely at the mercy of the person with the vag.